Dinosaur Dig Birthday Party Game

Dinosaur Dig Birthday Party Game

This dinosaur dig birthday party game is complete with Dinosaur Hats – I love It!


  1. Fill a container with sand
  2. Hide different types of dinosaurs.ย 
  3. Send the kids on an Dinosaur Dig to find the hidden dinosaurs.

Simple & easy dinosaur birthday party game. This game is suitable for girls too! We had several girls and boys at a dinosaur birthday party and the activities available were enjoyed by everyone.

To create an archeological dig, you can create pretend dinosaur fossils which can be hidden in your sandpit, or though the garden area for the kids to search for.

This was a hit with the kids, along with Dinosaur DIY Binoculars which finished off the Dinosaur Birthday Party theme.

The Salt Dough recipe and instructions for DIY Dinosaur Fossils available HERE.

Hat’s featured in the activity are from Amazon.

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