Kids Block Construction Activity – Rainy Days

 Kids Block Construction Activity

In This Block Construction Activity, you can Re-Purpose your Jenga blocks!

If Jenga just doesn’t happen in your home, you could always pass the game down to your younger kids who will utilise them for construction games.

Kids can use Jenga blocks for buildings, ramps and more.

We keep our Jenga blocks mixed in with other wooden sets, the Melissa & Doug Architectural blocks are our favourite.

Another Block Construction activity we love utilised GIANT Foam Blocks from Edushape. You can read about how incredible these blocks are HERE.

DIY Mini Skatepark

You Will Need:

  • Optional Background
  • Blocks
  • Mini Skateboards and/or Cars


Step 1: After creating your background stick it on a wall with Blu Tack
Step 2: Set up an obstacle course with ramps and steps out of wooden blocks
Step 3: Introduce your Skateboards to the Mini Skatepark

This is a preschool activity, the blocks get knocked down pretty quickly. Thats part of the fun!

More Construction Block Activity Themes:

  • Mini Farm using plastic farm animals
  • Jurrasic Theme using plastic Dinosaurs
  • Circus using small bouncy balls, balancing beams etc
  • Princess castle using small dolls & horses
  • Medieval castle using knight figurines
  • Army base using plastic soldier kit
  • Pirate pontoons, wooden block boats and figurines

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