Shaving Cream Sensory Play Activity

Shaving Cream Sensory Play Activities

 Shaving Cream Sensory Play Activity

We had a great time using this shaving cream sensory play activity to make pretend sundaes.

We threw together this activity using things we already had around the home. I recommend full parental supervision when using products like shaving cream and colouring, just due to the potential hazards involved.

Make sure you put down a plastic sheet or old towels. For children who may be a bit messier, I recommend buying the kids plastic gloves. These are generally available in the cleaning aisle of your department store.

Shaving Cream play is great for a rainy day as it can be done on the shower floor or at a table with a plastic sheet. Shaving Cream, Pasta play and sensory sand are my favourite boredom hacks for children.

You Will Need

  • One Bottle Of Shaving Cream
  • Plastic party shot glasses
  • Food Colouring
  • Plastic Sheet or Old Towels
  • Some cleaner for the aftermath
Shaving Cream Sensory Play Activity

This is an awesome sensory play activity because the kids can do a range of things.

  • Play pretend shopkeepers or Ice Cream truck.
  • Feed some plastic babies with a spoon
  • Drag the cream along paper with a small sponge
  • Use a paint brush to dip in the cup, paint a picture.

Just don’t ACTUALLY eat the shaving cream 🙂

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