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Boom Boom Balloon Review – Family Games

Boom Boom Balloon Review

Boom Boom Balloon is a family favourite family games.

The game is simple and easy to play.

To see us in action playing the game, just scroll down to our video at the end of the page.

My children are ages 10, 5 and 4. It’s tough to find games they can all play together!

Boom Boom Balloon provides fun for the whole family, even for the parents.

The Objective Of The Boom Boom Balloon Game

  • Each player tries to keep the balloon from popping!
  • Roll the dice and “click” a stick for each number rolled.
  • Too many clicks and the balloon will go BOOM!
  • Boom Boom Balloon is for 2 or more players ages 8+

Firstly I advise you buy an extra packet of balloons when you purchase this game as the first time the kids open it there is likely to be a mad frenzy of gameplay.

Each player takes a roll of the dice and then pushes in a stick until it clicks. Too many clicks will make the balloon burst with Pop!

There were times where the balloon didn’t pop and it slowly wheezed and deflated which my kids thought was hilarious.

Please note the official age recommendation is 8+ on the box.

An older child or parent should set the game up and adult supervision should be present at all times as balloons are a choking hazard for small children.

How much is Boom Boom Balloon?

This game is generally under $20 in Australia.

Purchase in Australia at Mr Toys Toyworld . Purchase in the US for as low as $10 on Amazon

Where to buy The boom boom balloon extra balloons…

The game includes 1 Balloon Frame, 12 Balloons, Die, 10 Sticks, 1 Instruction Guide.

You can buy Extra Balloons on Amazon [This is an affiliate link]. You can also use quality standard balloons.

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