Victoria Point Cascades

Victoria Point Cascades, Victoria Point QLD

Victoria Point Cascades is a beautiful little spot off of Coburn Avenue. This beautiful park has large water features with several other small water cascades.

This park has a small undercover gazebo near the water feature and another larger Gazebo available just outside of the streams which often hosts weddings and other occasions.

Parking is available behind the Victoria Point Cascades off of Colburn Avenue. You can also park at the skate park and gain access via a walkway.

If you want a picnic spot, this is it! The skate park & a small playground is close by.

Victoria Point Cascades is a popular spot for wedding photos, small ceremonies, and family picnics.

Tip: Pack your mosquito repellent! The area does have a fair bit of shade and is a haven for mozzies and bugs on those humid days.

Geocachers: Download The Cachly APP and you will find a neat surprise. Please use your geocaching manners and leave things as you found them, or even better – contribute.

Park Update: In 2018 the park had a much-needed cleanup, it is now even nicer than previously.

Park Update 2019: The old playground has been removed and replaced with a brand new one just opposite of the skate park. Its looking great, however it does get very busy! Seating is minimal, so take along a picnic blanket.

Victoria Point has several other playgrounds which are also lovely, such as WH YEO Park and Victoria Point Jetty playground.

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