Brisbane School Holidays Survival Guide

Brisbane School Holiday Survival

Brisbane School Holidays holidays always come up so darn quick and we often wonder if we’re going to make is through and keep our sanity.

I’m Kate Shelby I’m determined to make school holidays as painless as possible.

I’m a mother of 3 kids. We have just hit halfway through our Easter two-week holiday period and I thought I’d share with you the basic plan I use for survival.

This plan is based on a few things:

  • I’m a SAHM On A Budget
  • 3 Children Under the age of 14
  • 1 child with ASD So I pre-plan as much as possible
  • I live near Brisbane city so I have lots of options!

The first day of holidays is usually spent at home.

The children have usually had break-up parties, Easter/Christmas concerts in the final week so they need a break.

Some things you can do within the first couple of days of holidays to ease the pain.

Always Be Prepared! 

The Brisbane school holidays are busy!

People everywhere, parking can be a nightmare in some areas. Being well prepared minimises the stress of getting out and about.

I always find being prepared limits a number of tantrums I have to deal with, leaving me with more time to just enjoy my kids.

  • Always keep spare clothing, swimmers and towels in the car.
  • Check your car’s oil, tyres & water before holidays start.
  • Keep a spare charging lead for devices in the car.
  • If using public transport, check your Go Card is valid & topped up
  • Do a food shop and stock up on cheap snacks, cake mixes and bread for the freezer
  • For Parking Tips and rebooking info In Brisbane – Visit HERE

You are now prepared for any spur of the moment trips to the water. Pack lunches the night before you go and save precious dollars off your food bill.

If you have luxuries like In-Car DVD Players, Ipads or other handheld devices, liven them up with some new apps/tv shows that the kids haven’t seen before.

I make sure the kid’s have headphones for the car, that way devices don’t distract me from driving. Kmart have some very cute soft animal headphones which are volume friendly.

How To Find The Best Brisbane School Holiday Events

Extra Tips For School Holiday Survival

Use the planned events to your advantage!

If you need things done around the house on the “Days Spent Home”, ask your kids for help. Going to the cinema isn’t free. It’s healthy for the kids to understand they have to chip in too.

Bored at home?

Have a look through some SAHM blogs and choose some basic activities you can do

We did two of the above activities and my kids were quite exhausted, haha! They watched movies for the rest of the day.

southbank sunday
Out Of The Box Festival!


Highlights Of Our Scholastic’s Holidays

  • Two days home were spent watching movies, Paper plane racing and making Jelly Dough
  • Most outside activities were FREE. These included visiting friends, attending shopping centre activities, Bunnings workshops and the museum.
  • Our Cheapest paid outing was the cinema with discount tickets. 
Brisbane School Holidays
Jelly Dough Dinosaur not feeling so good…..

We also went to The Cube at QUT.

Brisbane School Holidays
The Cube has incredible interactive digital display

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