ImagAbility Wedgits Imagination 35 piece set

  • 35-piece building toy has five progressive block sizes and expansion piecesthat nest, stack, link and even ‘wedge’ together
  • Includes 35 pieces + design guide
  • Large, open-ended parts for hours of play
  • Compatible with all WEDGiTS building block sets
  • Recommended Age Range 3 and up

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Wedgits – An Affordable Construction Game

Worth The Investment!

What is your favourite construction game / toy in your household?  In my home, among our favourite choices is definitely Wedgits. I say this for a few reasons, let me explain!

  • Great for a range of ages
  • Encourages problem solving via construction cards
  • Improves hand-eye coordination abilities
  • Have no tiny little pieces
  • Progress from easy to difficult puzzles slowly

While my 2-year-old daughter is building basic towers with Wedgits my 9-year-old is usually trying to do more complex creations. A pack of visual cards that come with a set. I invested in the Imagination Pack which has a large number of pieces ($112).

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