Product Reviews & Sponsored Posts

Product Reviews & Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts: Please contact me at for a Media Kit in regards to sponsored posts.

Contra Product Reviews – We have done quite a few product reviews. There are a few things you might want to know before contacting me about a review. I prefer creative video reviews which are then embedded into a 600-word post about your product.

There are a few things about the performance of reviews which are important to take note. One of those is the enticement, nobody likes reading reviews unless they are actually looking for a specific product opinion online. Quite frankly, text only product reviews, with stock photos, they are boring.

If you can entice your audience by giving away a product within the review, providing a creative review video with the finer details surrounding this – You have a much more interesting and engaging review. This is in the best interest for BOTH of us.

Most Importantly. We no longer create content for free if you send out less than $125 worth of product. This is out of respect for brands who pay for sponsored posts and also, we work super hard on everything we do!

All of our Reviews include 600 Word Blog Post, Youtube Video, Condensed Instagram Video, Social Media Share.

Travel/Event Reviews: If you have an event you would like to offer us tickets to please get in touch. We have a growing list of YouTube Videos, Weekend Notes Articles & Blog Articles regarding super fun places for kids to go! Examples of these are also listed below.

Press Samples: If you send a press sample, that’s cool. Sometimes we share those too.

Examples Of Product Reviews & Sponsored Posts

Hasbro Toilet Trouble

Wahu Play Connex

Toilet Trouble From Hasbro

Play Doh Touch Studio

Wahu Supa Dupa Slide

Twirlywoos Review

Globber Scooters

BeyBlade Review

Examples Of Travel Vlogs, Giveaways & Activity Reviews

Here are just a few examples 

Timezone Surfers Paradise

Code Camp Brisbane

Oz Comic-Con 

Gold Coast Adventures – Featuring Wahu Products

Using Content For Your Own Marketing Purposes

This has been done for other brands in the past & cost can be negotiated with us. Sponsored Posts remain the property of unless our contract states otherwise.