Top Tips for Visiting an Australian Beach for The First Time

Top Tips for Visiting an Australian Beach for The First Time

Planning to visit an Australian beach for the very first time? Check out these five handy hints to ensure your time out by the water is safe and super fun!

Swim between the flags

The golden rule to remember when visiting an Australian beach is that you should always swim between the red and yellow flags. These iconic flags are set up by the local lifesavers each day, with their position based on the conditions at the time.

Swimming between the flags means that you can enjoy some of the best conditions and also makes it easy for lifesavers to spot you if you do run into some trouble while out in the water.

Protect yourself from the sun

If you’ve spent any time outdoors on a sunny day, you’ll know that the Australian sun can be very harsh. Without protecting your skin and eyes from the sun, you might be left with a nasty sunburn. No one wants to be left looking as red as a lobster, so be sure to apply sunscreen before you head to the beach and throughout the time that you are there.

The water can also give off quite a bit of glare, so a pair sunnies can not only protect your eyes from the sun, but can also help you avoid spending the day squinting.

Retailers have stepped up their sunglasses game over the last few years, meaning that you can pick up designer sunglasses online and have the choice of heaps of different styles, from aviators to cat eye sunglasses.

Team your sunnies with your bikini and you’ll have the perfect beach look.


Slip a drink bottle into your bag

The best time to hit the beach is a warm, summer’s day, but if you’re going to spend time out in the sun, it is super important to look after your body and stay hydrated.

When the weather is warm, you normally need to drink a little more water to help your body stay in tip top shape.

Buying drinks at the beach can be expensive, or you might not even have the option to buy when you’re out, so slip a drink bottle into your beach bag for an easy way to stay hydrated on the go.

Hit the beach with a friend

There’s nothing more fun than hanging out with friends, and this is certainly the case when hitting the beach too. Not only will you have someone to chat with, give you a hand with reapplying your sunscreen and mind your spot if you need to duck to the bathroom, but it can also help you stay safe when you go for a swim.

If one of you happens to get in trouble out in the water, the other can wave for help or get you back to shore in one piece. Just like heading out on a bushwalk or camping trip, it’s always best to have someone with you just in case.


Take a dip during the day

While a midnight swim might sound incredibly romantic, it’s definitely not the best time to be hitting the beach. Although it is fine to take a walk along the sand, you should avoid going in the water as beaches aren’t patrolled at this time and you may not be able to get help if you run into trouble.

Australian beaches are super beautiful during the day, so a dip within daylight hours gives you the best chance to soak up these awesome views and enjoy a safe swim.

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