How To Make Your Own Rooster Roll.

How To Make Your Own Rooster Roll.

This recipe is for when you are on a budget or the kids are asleep and you are just stinging for Red Rooster.

Crucial Ingredients:

  • Mayonnaise (not that Whole Egg BS)
  • Bread Roll (Sesame Seeded for the full experience)
  • Shredded Roasted Chook


Very Important Method:

Do not just put mayo and chicken on the roll. That’s a chicken and mayo roll, we’re civilized people here.

You must heat the chicken to burn your mouth off temperature and then MIX the chicken WITH the mayonnaise (not the whole egg bs kind).

Once this is done, carefully arrange this into your buttered roll and stuff your face, wash it down with coke and wait for remorse and regret to sink in.

Tip: For maximum Red Rooster experience, heat the roll, chick and mayo mix all at once. Be cautious though, may burn hands off.


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