Mum, I Bumped My Knee! Time To Chop It Off.

My two younger kids, both girls, are a bit melodramatic over a bump on the toe.

So when they come to me with what is not even classed as an injury, I offer to chop their limbs off.

Pretty classic response, parents have been using it for centuries. (I just made that up).

When my daughter came to me with a two week old dried up scratch I offered to chop her arm off.

Then she rolled her eyes and said “it hurts.”

I said, “well….if I set fire to your arm it will take your mind off the pain of the scratch“.

All 3 kids burst into laughter.


A lady across from me at the park looked at me in horror.

Like *can’t believe she just said that to her child, Bring back stoning as punishment* kind of glare.

Oops…I tried not to laugh…but I ended up looking like a cat trying not to get caught with a bird in its mouth.

My kids know I come running to them like I’m being chased by a T-Rex if they are seriously hurt.


You can see more short stories like this on the Australian Mum Facebook Page.

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