High Quality Activities Shipped Monthly By KiwiCo

Want To Get STEM Activities in Monthly Subscription Boxes?

Yes please!

KiwiCo sent us these boxes so we could make up our minds before recommending them to viewers.

It’s important to note, if we don’t like a product – we don’t advertise it.

You deserve the best!

What’s So Good About KiwiCo

  • All Activities are designed with STEM in mind
  • KiwiCo cater to your child’s age, so not too hard to complete.
  • If your child is more/less advanced, there are several box options.
  • The Product is TOP quality, with several activities in a box
Creating The “Arcade” Project

The Kiwico Box projects combine education lessons like:

  • Home Economics (creating a pillow)
  • Art & Modelling (Recreating a Stained Glass picture with craft paper)
  • Textiles, Design + Art (Creating a Tye Dye Tote Bag)
  • Technology + Design (Creating an arcade claw along with pick up monsters).

The products in the box are top quality.

For example the pillow and tote bag are usable products which won’t be thrown out.

The fabric is excellent quality and will last!

The products like the Arcade Claw can be disassembled and built again as the materials are sturdy.

The KiwiCo Subscription Box is $16.95 – $19.95 a month

For the busy parent this is not a lot given that the box contains 2-3 activities.

I would also like to mention we have leftover materials from our boxes which we will utilise.

ALSO: The activity  books give you extra things to do, like building a box into a “Claw Machine” using a couple of extra things around the house (Tape, Clear Wrap).

Not gonna lie…I wanted one for myself…

I’d love to give an extra recommendation for Home School parents out there.

I know personally there are times where I’m so stuck on new ideas to keep things fun and engaging.

How many times have you impulsively spent money on art and craft products which end up in the bin or not utilised properly?

Usually it is because there is no structure or plan on whats being made. KiwiCo Take care of all the planning!

So Happy With Her Crafts!

The KiwiCo box comes with easy to read instructions & an extra activity book.

My children could easily handle the activities themselves.

I joined in because I wanted to, but could have easily slinked off for a cuppa.

How To Get Your KiwiCo Subscription Box

Head over to KiwiCo and sign up.

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