Woman Lists Dumbest Names In Her Kid’s Class, Everyone Laughs.

To be fair, this woman didn’t say anything specifically nasty about the kids and everyone has a right to an opinion. I don’t believe she deliberatley meant to cause harm or hurt.

But, with over 25,000 followers of course, it went viral.

Just SOME of the list.

I wondered what it would be like if I had a child on that list.

The media run titles stating the list as being “Hilarious”.

I must be turning into a prude, because I didn’t find it funny.

I’m not offended, I just thought wow, way to disrespect a very large list of parents in your community.

That is the name they chose for their child, THEIR child.

I live in 2018, in a world I feel is trying to nurture and encourage people to be themselves.

We fight for marriage equality, against homosexuality, racism and gun violence.

We stand up for bullying.

I shouldn’t compare this to those, but we do stand up for children being singled out.

There seems to be this “hall pass” providing it’s in a funny context.

I really don’t understand that, especially when it’s at the expense of a persons attempt at being unique or having names which may reflect their culture.

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