Magnetic Construction Kits Promote STEM Learning.

Magnetic Tile Construction Kits are a fantastic learning tool.

Today we are using the Magnetic Kit to promote STEM education at home.

I’m particularly passionate about toys like these Magnetic Construction Kits as I have seen first hand what a huge difference play based therapy and education has made in my home.


How can a toy  combine science, technology, engineering, and math?

When using the Magnetic Construction Kit, the planning, knowledge and problem solving all incorporate one of these STEM learning elements.

Throughout the course of play a child will problem solve using planning, balancing techniques, counting, matching geometrical shapes and more.

This product is also easy to use and can be enjoyed for all ages. The hand and motor skill level needed for these makes them an easy product to play with.

This is very important for children in a therapy environment. It’s highly rewarding for a child struggling with their motor skills to achieve successful construction. This leads to the strength in confidence required to tackle bigger things!

This is why I own a combination of larger handling toys (Magnet tiles, large blocks and puzzles) and finer handling toys (LEGO, Knex).

Products like the Magnetic Tiles have been played with by all of my children who range from 6 – 11 years old. I may have even had a little play with them myself.



These Magnetic construction sets are also very creative!

Creativity is an essential part of innovation. This is where our STEM turns into STEAM.

Creating a colourful castle:  ARTISTIC!

I highly recommend this product, you can purchase a 32 Piece Set from Laetor Toys on Amazon. 

Use the discount code AUSMUM25 to receive 25% off your order.

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