Newmarket Cinemas – Watch a movie In luxury!

Newmarket Cinemas – The Reading Cinema with Luxury Options

We recently visited Newmarket Cinemas to watch Jumanji “Welcome To The Jungle”.

I live on the far southside, so to drive this far to a cinema it’s got to be special. We were invited to the cinema to see the movie of our choice, I had a look at the Newmarket Cinema website and YES, I had to try this. 

I have been wanting to find a cinema that provides a better experience that isn’t Gold Class – which excludes my almost teenage son.

Newmarket Cinemas didn’t disappoint. The Titan XC Extreme Cinema has the best surround sound I have ever experienced on the big screen.

Then, there’s the incredible cinema chairs.

Feast your eyes on this electronically reclined soft cushiony goodness.

Ryan say’s it’s the Lamborghini of cinemas.

If you want to have an incredible Cinema Experience, this is where you want to go!!

We went to the cinema on Australia Day.

The girls at the candy bar seemed motivated and happy to be serving people – always a plus on a busy public holiday.

The Cinema is set out you don’t have to worry about tall people sitting in front of you either, I found the seats staggered enough that the people in front of us may as well not have even been there.

You don’t have to choose the Titan Extreme session. There is standard viewing and gold class as well.

The fit out for this Cinema is beautiful, Newmarket Cinema is very clean.

The Cinema is situated in Newmarket Village with lots of coffee shops, food outlets and other shops.

Downstairs there are parents toilets available with room for breastfeeding mums.


Newmarket Cinema Is located: MAP

Newmarket Village, 400 Newmarket Rd, Newmarket QLD

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