The Feature Your Cheese Grater Might Be Missing Out On

The Extra Feature Your Cheese Grater Might Be Missing Out On..

So this is one of “those” homemaker topics. It’s so basic some of you will roll your eyes.

Don’t Judge. Some of us, took forever to figure out this feature.

I am not alone in this, my post of Facebook had a few people who found this tip useful.

Your basic home brand grater won’t have this glorious slicer. I upgraded last year, made the high end splash on a $12 cheese grater.

Feast Your Eyes On This Glorious Specimen.


This cheese grater, has NINJA CHOPPING SKILLS

Ok, I’m done exagerrating.

The slicer on the side of your cheese grater is very useful. You can slice cheese, apples, potatoes & more.

I purchased my cheese grater from Woolworths, but I’m sure plenty of places sell them 🙂



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