Dear Logan Paul.

On the last day of 2017, YouTube star Logan Paul posted a video of a dead body in Aokigahara, more commonly known as Japan’s “suicide forest.” The vlog followed Paul and his friends as they encountered the body of a man who, like hundreds of others, had taken his own life in the popular tourist destination.

In between Paul’s comments about the seriousness of suicide, the camera zooms in on various parts of the body, while Paul occasionally cracks jokes or laughs. – The Verge

Dear Logan Paul,

I have a son who aspires to be confident and outgoing, just like you.

Through the filter of Youtube, you easily paint the picture of a guy who gets to spend his life being a loud, obnoxious douchebag – with no repercussions.

For any teen preparing to be an adult, your life would seem like a dream. The truth is this life of yours is unattainable by most. We all know only a few make it through, most propelled by rich parents and famous connections.

I expect your “Logangers” would be quite triggered by what I’m about to say, they might call me a Snowflake or even worse.

Your first apology was half-assed, self-centred and full of excuses.

I was so pleased to see that you said sorry until I read your tweet.

I have to wonder if you were raised in an emotional desert. You seem to be incapable of a response with genuine empathy and horror for what you did. Your lack of self awareness is disturbing.

Your second apology came so late.

This leaves me thinking you are sorry, not for what you did, but for what is at stake.

Let me make a point here for those reading.

You aren’t laughing now are you? In fact, you seem deeply saddened and almost traumatised. This reaction should have been reserved for the man you so deeply disrespected, so why should we believe you now?

Thankfully, I spotted the news before my preteen stumbled on your video.

I can’t protect my child from everything, but I can have a conversation to prepare him.

Thanks for making that part of raising a young boy, with a deceased father, a little more difficult.

It’s devastating to lose a loved one to mental health issues.

Do you know what it takes, to explain to a child why they have a single surviving parent?

No, of course, you don’t.

All I can say is that it’s a heart-shattering job. It’s a responsibility, that nobody should have sitting on their shoulders.

One day you might have to deal with it.

You will then understand. You will take it seriously.

You won’t laugh. It’s no longer a “coping strategy” when it’s someone you loved deeply.

For a little while, your world will turn grey.

You will suffer feelings of guilt. You will ask yourself if you could have done more.


So, Logan Paul, Disney Boy and YouTube “Celebrity”…

You can understand how people like myself feel.

You took on the responsibility on of “raising awareness” in a 15 minute video of a dead body hanging from a tree, a few jokes and laughs – in a very stupid fucking hat.

Oh Wait…I’m being interrupted…*Que whiny Logangers*

“But he didn’t plug his merch”

No…no he didn’t plug his merch… *sarcasm*, He just wore it. Into Japan’s suicide forest. Where people go to die.

“But he didn’t monetize the video”

Yeah totally makes it less confusing for those affected by suicide. Is the de-monetize button also a cure for cancer?

“He made a mistake”

Making “a mistake” implies a single error. Logan Paul kickstarted with the mistake of wearing his merch accompanied with a CHILD’s hat into Japan’s Suicide Forest.

Then continued to film a dead man’s body with no regard or respect for the possibility he had a family waiting for him to come home. News is now unfolding this man may have been a teenage boy.

He continued to laugh and kept up his cringey overdramatic statements, watched his team laugh, edited it, posted it, then…..created the worst apology in YouTube history.

I think that’s enough excuses from misguided #logangersforlife


So….. Dear Logan,

You received 6 million views in the short time your video was trending, your channel would have spiked enormously. This is around 2 million more than your average piece of content gets in a 3 week period.

While you say that video wasn’t monetized, the knock on effect of people watching your other videos and “trying to find” the now removed version would have made you a tidy sum.

Your money isn’t required for what I have in mind.

I challenge you, Logan Paul.

You told viewers, like my child…that you will “be there” for them.

As this leader of an “army”, “gang”, “Logang family”…. asking your audience to become a “maverick” – you offer this support by default.

If the time comes, will my son be able to contact you if he needs you?

Will you console him when he discusses why he doesn’t have a father at home?

Will you console each and every person that you triggered?

Each person you hurt?

Every person that thought they were strong enough for your content, but ended up in deep sadness?

Your demographic are so easily influenced, they probably think you were for real boi.

You did say you would be there.

Did you mean in spirit? Or in like, in hashtags bro? #logangers4life #logangarmy #itseverydaybro….

We both know that is some real sugar coated bullshit at the end of a video that put you trending on every platform.

I don’t want to see your career destroyed. I want you to show your audience there’s room for change. You can be entertaining without being a total dickwad.

Stop selling out with your clickbait bullshit at the expense of our kids.

I challenge you, Logan Paul, to actually be there.


If you believe Logan Paul just “made a mistake” and “didn’t think about what he was doing”, he actually did. He deliberated over this content with his editor for hours – and still decided to post it with laughing and jokes (which could have been cut out). I think Kavos makes a great point HERE

I’d like to mention the parent who managed to catch her son’s response to this video when she noticed him crying. Please, do not judge this mum, Logan Paul never creates content like this usually (although he is 100% cringe and does swear often) – NO PARENT could have predicted this. You can watch the video HERE

For those truly suffering, don’t lean on Influencers. Lean on professionals and the people around you who are within reach. Pick up the phone and call someone who will answer.

Speak to your local mental health service and connect with a person who trained specifically to help and make a difference. Im not telling you because I have to, Im telling you because I have been there and called on these services before.

Need help right now? Call 13 14 15 Immediately

Support Service Links:


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