Could this app strengthen your village?

Could this app strengthen your village?

I know it will! Try the platform designed specifically to support your parenting needs. I’m not talking about Facebook.

We know social media was designed to connect us on a global level.

Does it actually bring us together though?

Depending on how you connect, you may feel that social media has caused your friends and family to drift apart.

I’m not talking about talking behind a screen, I’m talking about the physical help and support we – as humans – are designed to give and reciprocate.

Something amazing has happened. We are turning a new page in the digital world.

Have you noticed the new trend in apps?

Over the last 12 months, applications have started to emerge that are focused on solving our everyday struggles as parents. Parents who lack time and are just scraping to find services to cope with the logistics of work, school, leisure and sacred family time.

Services like like Stretch Ride – an Uber-like service for children and Sittr, an app capable of finding you a babysitter. Both designed to support your work life balance.

These are all great, but the general population is hesitant to become a user.


Heres a problem these apps can’t solve, but this new app will.

They can’t solve trust.

They don’t contain your village.

They don’t come with the feeling of safety.


This new app has serious potential.

A friend came to me about this app. She knew I’d love the idea, because this is my jam.

Technology. Solving the worlds problems one app at a time.

I am “that parent” that would happily use tech to solve ALL my problems. While others freak out at the idea of AI Bot’s cooking dinner every night – I’m kinda curious and weirdly excited that it MAY actually happen before I die.

I would gladly swap household duties with a robot in return for extra quality time with the kids.

Don’t worry, this app is all about you. The humans.


It’s called….THE HUG APP…..awww cute right?

Let me tell you more. BUT FIRST…

I am happy to disclose that I am working closely with the APP developer to make sure everyone in the country knows about this app. However, I am not being paid for this particular post.

This one my dear readers, is being written in my spare time. Plus, if this app explodes I want to be able to say I called it.

 The Hug App is well developed and ready to use!

Nothing does my head in more than apps that promise the world only to crash, be full of bugs and then suddenly just don’t work. This app works perfectly and comes with a crazy layer of security to ensure all of your private details are protected.


Lets strip this app down to basics.


Simple. Set the app up & add your closest friends.

The people you know and trust & would normally have to call up for help. This are the contacts who will help either transport your child or care for the children.

I recommend actually having a discussion with friends and getting them genuinely on board using this app together – because it could be life changing when a group of people commit to this.


POST A TASK!. Do you need your child driven somewhere? or cared for? Let the APP do the organising.

All tasks are paid for using Hugs, this is the apps currency.

Don’t worry! You get free hugs when you sign up.

Got a couple of school mums in your tight circle? Maybe one of them can take your child to school on Thursday morning so you can get the Christmas shopping done.

When you see her task pop up, You can reciprocate. 

  • No more awkward ring arounds.
  • No more awkward discussions about payment.
  • No more wondering how many calls it will take to find who is available.

Heres an idea. Particularly for single parents.

Create a community of school parents. Without having to ring around, POST A TASK!

I know as a single parent with more than one child – splitting yourself in two is impossible on the first day back to school.

I needed someone in my close knit community to support my older child get to class while i settled my preppy in, I had to swallow my pride and ring around. Several calls later, I found a suitable parent who’s morning had room to give me a hand.

Now imagine If we were all using the app? Brilliant. 


When your child is in your friends care, check on them if you are worried. How? The app has a GPS locator which shows you where your friend’s phone is located while they have your little one in their care.


Loving it? Tell your friends. This app can streamline this situation for all of us and have us running around like digital villagers.

Just Do Itttttt!!

Have a serious think about this app. Open up a discussion with your community. Your childcare centre, the parents in your after school sports community. Create those circles and utilise them.

Build your digital village, connect and support each other in daily life. 

Download The Hug App HERE. When you load your dependents you will receive free HUG currency to get you started.

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