Kristen Bell Had An ACTUAL Sloth At Her Birthday Party

Yes,  A Sloth…. At Her Birthday Party

Why is this so cool? Every year I feel like Im too “odd” for my own birthday.

I recently turned 34 and all the “go to” birthday options made me crawl into my little safe spot (sitting at home watching Netflix) even more than the year before.

Then I see this.

Kristen Bell (multi talented actress and broadway star) loves Sloths. Its been a “bucket list” activity for a while to interact with one. So when Kristen’s birthday party came around, her partner organised a sloth to be at her party.

It got me thinking.

The next time your birthday comes around, if you have something eccentric or out of the box you love – Just do it!

Maybe hiring a Sloth isn’t in the budget, but as parents we often put very little focus on our own birthdays.

Check Out Kristen’s Emotional Outburst When She Found Out About The Sloth Below, It will give you happy feels for the day….

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