Your Cabbage Patch Kid Could Be Worth Hundreds Of Dollars

Cabbage Patch Kids Were Part Of Being An 80’s Kid

If you were born in the 80’s, the Cabbage Patch Doll is now a trip down memory lane.

The Cabbage Patch kid was “officially” born in 1983, the same year I popped into the world. In its first year, over 3 Million Cabbage Patch Kid doll’s were sold.

The Cabbage Patch Kids went on record as the most successful new doll introduction in the toy industry.

By the end of 1990, 65 Million Cabbage Patch Kids were adopted!

The iconic toy has been an Official Olympic Mascot (1992) & featured on US postage stamps (1999).

In 1985 the Cabbage Patch Kids joined the Young Astronaut Program and sent their first doll into space.

Your vintage cabbage patch kid may be worth a lot of money if it’s in pristine condition, with some listed up to $3000 on collectors forums & eBay.

While dolls out of their boxes sell for hundreds, some of the rarest dolls have been valued up to $50,000.

IMG: My CPK Collections – LINK


For example, a set of dolls based on the 2008 United States Presidential candidates was listed for more than $59,000 and a doll based on Donald Trump was listed for nearly $7,000. [Reference]

Yes, The Donald Had A Cabbage Patch Doll.

IMG Source – Ebay


Youtube & Social Media have products trending faster than ever.

The viral storm a trending toy causes almost seems like a phenomenon!

Look at the explosion of Fidget Spinners & Pokemon Go.

While the Cabbage Patch Kids, Pound Puppies & Care Bears of the 80’s may have changed, toy companies continue to transform the brands we know and love into toys that suit today’s generation.


So, Where Are The Cabbage Patch Kids now?

You can still buy your child a Cabbage Patch Kid from the new range, which has been slightly modernised to fit 2017.

The range has exploded into other toys and figurines, keeping a classic product alive.

The Cabbage Patch “Lil Sprouts” range is for the little collector in your family.

The “blind bags” are little plastic lettuces with a Cabbage Patch Lil Sprout inside along with a pet. With most blind bags being a foil packet, mad props to the creators for supplying packaging that can be used along with the toy.

We had the privilege of taking these toys for a spin, my girls are between 5 – 8 years old.

They were thrilled and eager to collect.

You can purchase the range from Mr Toys Toyworld.

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