9 Modern Mum Tweaks to Make Morning Routines More Productive

 9 Modern Mum Tweaks to Make Morning Routines More Productive

I don’t know about you, but for me, my mornings are a crucial dictator of how my family’s day will go. If I start my day late, sluggish, and basically awful, the whole family routine will go haywire as well. However, as important as it sounds, it’s harder said than done.

This is most especially true when your bed sheets are egyptian cotton with a high thread count or when the morning chill just makes it hard to even get out of bed. However, with a great routine, anyone can become highly productive.

Being organised at home during the start of the day can be achieved with these 9 simple tips.


Usually, moms are the ones who cook the breakfast, get the kids ready, prepare their lunches, and do all the morning household chores. Therefore, it’s pretty obvious that if you’re not awake, your family’s whole routine will not run smoothly. Be the pioneer of the house and start your day earlier that the rest of your brood in order to set their pace for the day.


If you get up earlier than everyone, you’ll soon realize that the silence is actually quite calming. It’s a perfect time for you to do something for yourself before you begin the daily morning grind with getting your kids ready for school and preparing your family’s breakfast.

Have a cup of joe or meditate first thing in the morning to get in the right headspace for the day. I usually get up, drink a glass of water then start my day with my daily bible reading to set a great mood. You can create your own morning ritual as well, just remember to do something for you first so you have something to look forward to when you wake up.


A great tip for maximum home organisation is doing the task you enjoy doing the least first. This is so you can get it out of the way and prevent yourself from procrastinating it to the point of not doing it anymore.

A tip would be to start decluttering your house, unload then load your dishwasher, hang the clean laundry and start with the next batch of dirty laundry, clean the bathroom, or vacuum the whole house, it’s up to you. Just get it out of the way in order to move on to other, less tedious tasks.


Like a car, sometimes you just need to warm up before fully maximizing your capabilities for the whole day. In fact, all the top entrepreneurs in the world have their personal morning exercise routine in order to get their blood flowing.

This enhances their creativity and efficiency throughout the day. Go be active and sweat a little in order to feel fully accomplished in the morning. When you’ve warmed up, you can now fully organise your home and do your other daily tasks.


Did you know that you’re losing water even when you sleep? It’s due to insensible losses when you sweat at night or in the air you breathe, or basically just the water evaporating out of you. Also, dehydrated people are groggier than the normal person.

Lastly, the cold water jolts up your system giving you an energy burst when you wake up. This is why it’s a great idea to drink a glass of cold water the moment you wake up. This will give you the jumpstart you need in order to start your morning and get organised at home.


This will give you less things to worry about in the morning. If you’ve set your meal plan during the weekend, all you have to do is follow it. You can start grocery shopping for all the ingredients you need as well as taking note of what foods in your ref will go bad soon.

You won’t be wasting precious time thinking of what to make from the food you have at the moment or coming up with something to cook only to find out that one ingredient is missing or the other is spoiled. Organise your pantry at home and your refrigerator and take note of all the food you have, the expiration date, and what else you should stock up for over the weekend so that during weekday, you just have to look at what to cook and prepare it.


Be prepared for battle and make a list of what things you must not forget to do the night before. This is to ensure that in the morning, your brain won’t miss any important information that you may forget because your brain is still in sleep mode.

Be ready with which parts of your home should you fix up first, what lunch you have to prepare for your kids, or if you’ll be expecting someone important coming over first thing in the morning (like the plumber) so that you’ll just be in autopilot in the morning.


Set aside time in the morning doing something that will increase your wisdom and knowledge such as reading a book or a credible article.

This will help assure you that you’re learning something new everyday and it will also stimulate your brain and keep in sharp. This will also lower your risk of developing neurodegenerative disease when you get older.


One last thing to do in the morning in order to start your day right is to be happy and pray for thanksgiving and for guidance. You waking up in the morning is already a blessing so be thankful and start your day with the right energy and mindset.

This will increase your productivity and boost your mood throughout the day, which will also overflow to the ones you love.

What other morning rituals make your mornings better and more productive?


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