Confessions Of An Energy Drink Addict

I Have Really Poor Circulation In My Feet & Legs, Damn you energy drinks!

I’m not a doctor. Everything I say is my experience in this particular scenario.

So for a while I have been complaining about my new healthier regime. What you don’t know is WHY I changed my diet.

I’m addicted to energy drinks.

There I said it. I know, it sounds lame. Like…just stop drinking them???? Believe me, it’s not that easy. The withdrawals are severe and unless you have had to go through it yourself, you probably won’t understand.

The first few days of quitting my habit I find myself googling all of the horrific side effects.

The headaches and tiredness I can deal with. Aches and pains, heartburn & weird fuzzy feelings in my legs – those side effects scare me.

One of the major reasons why I decided to quit is the neuropathy issues that energy drinks were causing in my hands, sometimes I can’t feel my hands while Im typing.

I was approached about a product which improves circulation through EMS technology. I’m a sceptic when it comes to all machinery that claims to improve health, but Im always up for a challenge.

The CIRCUplus Arrived 2 Days Before I Went Cold Turkey

I started using the CIRCUplus the day I quit energy drinks. I felt like my blood pressure had risen and my heartburn was pretty serious. You would think these kind of effects would happen while drinking them, sadly these are part of severe caffeine withdrawal.

I found the CIRCUplus started to make my legs feel 50% better around 10 mins into the 25 minute session. Now that I have tried it a dozen times, I can handle a stronger pulse on the machine which gets results faster.

Overall it has definitely helped and the timing is perfect.


What I love about this machine..

I don’t actually have to do anything, I can put my feet on it and keep working at my desk. It’s not like having to go to the gym, or physically leave work for a massage. It’s not even a mono task, you press a couple of buttons and the machine does the rest.

You Can Use The CIRCUplus has a TENS machine as well. This EMS Tech machine has bio-magnetic page which plug into the machine. Much like a TENS machine you can use these almost anywhere.

These don’t have to be plugged in all the time and you can use a remote to change the settings.

What’s It Like On Day 7 Of Going Cold Turkey?

You can see I’m still pretty unwell, I look tired and pale. I have been eating super healthy and frequently, drinking lots of water – this is simply the process I have to go through.

I have been using the CIRCUplus daily though, sometimes twice a day when I feel the fizzy feelings in my legs and arms.

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