Using Google Maps While Driving Is a Stupid Idea

Smartphone GPS While Driving Is a Stupid Idea

Using your GPS on the smartphone while driving is stupid. I know this because Im guilty of doing it myself. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t do it, and you might fall under one of these:

  • Sitting the phone in your lap looking down at the map
  • Waiting until you start driving to put in the address, fumbling with the phone
  • The phone rings, to take the call you need to interrupt Google Maps
  • Google Maps uses Data – why pay for that??
  • Using up battery life when you don’t need to

If this was a Google Maps VS Navman wrestling match – Navman Wins!

A long term investment is a GPS. Until iPhones became super clever and affordable, I always owned one. But something happened a couple of years ago. I became a bit of an “all in one everything” kind of chick. I didn’t need a GPS, I had my phone.

Thats all good until you realise you are super lost on a highway, can’t pull over, fumbling around for your phone while your kids are screaming. Its dangerous, but so many parents do it.


Everyone, just stop it with your phones alright.

So Navman sent me an email kindly asking me to check out one of their GPS devices. Great timing as I had realised the week before how dumb I have been for occasionally relying on my iPhone GPS. Not cool people, really. Not cool.

I was not paid to do this review, so while I’m not going to try and sell you on this particular GPS – it truly is much safer than using your phone to navigate.

So they sent me through the NAVMAN 400LMT. It’s a sweet compact device. The screen is slim enough you won’t notice it in your handbag. TIP: If you have children and are going on a wild road trip, put the address into the device BEFORE you even get into the car.

Theres something suffocating about trying to type in an address while listening to Mum mum mum mum muuuuuummmmm! Yes, my children are like wild animals in the car, especially when we are going somewhere exciting.

Another thing, take it everywhere. You may think you know where your going, ah its fine leave the GPS at home. Ask yourself, how many times have you left an indoor play centre with a complete metal drain and can’t even find yourself out of the freakin car park. ME. EVERY. TIME.

Using a GPS is FAR LESS STRESSFUL than by using your iPhone, Android Smartphone, or Google Maps.


The NAVMAN EZY400LMT Touchscreen Is 5 Inches 

Nice! It’s about the size of my iPhone 7 Plus screen which I prefer not to put in a holder. They onscreen keypad had nice big buttons too for my weird clumsy fingers to navigate. Something I have a lot of trouble with using Google Maps.

It has all the extra features you want in a GPS device including speed alerts, bluetooth & landmark guidance. Unlike some GPS Brands *cough won’t mention any names* …the device has free lifetime maps. These update quarterly.

There are real time traffic alerts, however I haven’t yet been somewhere with severe congestion for it so save my skin, I will update you on that later down the track.

As mentioned earlier Both Google Maps and Apple Maps are mostly reliant on having an Internet connection – YOU DO NOT NEED AN INTERNET CONNECTION WITH A GPS! YAY! 

The NAVMAN EZY 400LMT is a basic GPS Unit

This unit is excellent for basic needs. If you travel a lot and rely heavily on a GPS unit, I would suggest going up to a more advanced model. The MY660LMT has a 6 Inch Screen, advanced Trip Planner, Restaurant guide and an extra 12 months of warranty.

For me this unit has been excellent for getting to Birthday parties, trips to specialist appointments and just general peace of mind in the car knowing I have navigation seperate from my phone. I’d recommend investing in a GPS, its a weight of my shoulders while driving.




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