War Torn Countries, Starving Children…Woolworths Won’t be Stocking Sugar Free Coke

Woolworths Won’t be Stocking Sugar Free Coke

What isn’t trending number 3 today? we have tens of thousands of children starving in Nigeria. Civil war in Africa and George Pell, Catholic cardinal, charged with historical sexual assault.


Firstly, calm down people. Woolworths is still selling Coke Zero. Isn’t that the pretty much the same anyway?


Just as I’m writing this flamey little rant, the Coke saga made it onto the project tonight. Are you fucking kidding me? I’m dead…or as my son says *Mind Exploded*

In other news, did you know the movie Men In Black starring Will Smith is 20 years old this year? Do you feel old now? Your welcome.

What else is new in the world? Cost cuts at Dominoes MAY or may not shrink the size of Pizza’s, we are creeping to the edge of national starvation with this one.

Dear Media,

Stop filling every crevice of the internet with your shit splatter.

It’s boring and uninspiring. It makes me want to read a book.

I never read books. I’m that chick that’s like *ohhhh cat memes*

If you want to distract me, give me some substance, 

Oh I forgot, the truth comes with a price. 

Kate – Overrated Blogger At The Best Of Times


I do feel a bit of a challenge in my belly with this rant, maybe I need to start a bit of a segment where we can make fun of news headlines that are equivalent to watching paint dry. Let’s call it “In The News Today”……

Rob Kardashian Sends His Cat Revenge Porn…..Wait did I read that wrong, god damn chinese whispers.


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