Messy Faces Meals | Reader Review

Messy Faces Meals | Reader Review

In our last lot of reader reviews, Lyn B was chosen to review Messy Faces. Messy Faces delivers healthy, wholesome food specifically designed for children. The meals are delivered frozen to your doorstep and are also available in some stores like IGA.

Meal Portion Options Give Option For All Ages 

I love the option of two different portion sizes that accommodates both my youngest and eldest. Most prepared kids meals are one size only meaning too much food for my youngest, not enough for my eldest.

Messy Faces Have Several Meal Choices

Out of all the Messy Faces choices, the kids disliked only one. They still have a variety of meals to choose from.

Messy Faces Meals Are Easy To Prepare

I loved the simplicity of it going from freezer to dinner table in under 5 minutes. Messy Faces can be cooked in the microwave or oven with no need to peel off any lids etc. , also can be eaten straight from the foil pack so no need for any dishes.


Overall Feedback From Lyn

Combine the time it takes with the ease of use and great meal choices, The Messy Faces meals are a huge hit. We used our meals on nights where the kids had sports or we forgot to defrost something for dinner that night. Knowing I had a healthy meal in the freezer to serve up instant of the usual instant noodles takes alot of stress and mum guilt away.

What Did The Kids Think?

Both Madison and Caitlyn loved all the meals except the Mac n Cheese. They both preferred the Spaghetti Bolognese the most. My eldest suggested that some of the meals should have smaller pieces of vegetables so that she can not see them (she meant grated pieces).

Note From The Editor: We have sent extra feedback from Lyn to Messy Faces so they can use this in their business. Messy Faces Meals were provided to Lyn free of charge in return for her feedback. This review was completed with no sponsored fee involved. 


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