Does Pauline Hanson Have Good Intent?

Does Pauline Hanson Have Good Intent?

So, I don’t need to bang on about how stupid Pauline Hansons comments were regarding children with disabilities in our school system. I think most of us agree she lacks what it takes to be a great community speaker and has the inability to put forward an opinion that even makes sense.

Does Pauline Hanson have good intent? 

I think her comments are ignorant and I believe she doesn’t do adequate research before presenting her argument in parliament. I think she speaks only for a handful of people complaining in comparison to our population of over 23 million people.

I believe Pauline has good intentions, in her own mind. 

This isn’t good enough for the people, her words need to match her intentions.

I believe she wants to help people but has no idea how to present an argument without splitting things into two. The woman clearly doesn’t operate in any grey areas.

I can relate a little. I find it difficult myself to present an opinion without being black or white. I have to really think things through or I sound like I’m just shooting my mouth off. I find it difficult to follow instructions which do not have a very blunt outline.

Unlike Pauline, I know politics is not the job for me.

I’m not giving her credit for her shitty behaviour, but I do think people need to face the music. Enough Australians voted for her to get into her position in the Senate.

I believe Pauline is relatable to a chunk of Australians because of their inflexible attitude towards complex issues. When they decide what side they are on, nothing can tell them otherwise.

Her one shoe fits all approach burns my ears and makes me want to fly to the nearest deserted island in fear that her ideas will become reality.

People want change and they don’t care who is harmed in the process.


I’m a mother of a special needs child.

My child has great difficulty achieving mainstream success.

My child is not intellectually impaired so cannot go to special school.

My child’s disabilities have a huge impact on his quality of life.


I Wonder If Pauline Will Ever Realise Where She Went Wrong…


“These children need to go into a special class and given special attention”

  • These children need to know they belong with the rest of us.
  • We need to PAY our special needs teachers an appropriate wage.
  • We need to support our teachers with enough teacher aides so they DO have the time.
  • We need to stop putting a horrendous amount of pressure on parents to volunteer at schools, who have no SEP qualifications, to fill the gaps where the government has fallen short on funding.


Let Me Tell You A Story About “Special Classrooms”…

My child spent time in a “special class” given “special attention”. It was a shoebox compared to mainstream classrooms where children were locked in an even smaller shoebox when they “behaved badly”.

The “special attention” involved keeping them away from the rest of the school, making sure they knew they were “special”. They were not included in school excursions, sports days, musicals or anything “special”.

“Special Needs” often implies retardation to mainstream students who have not have the gift of being taught equality amongst their peers.

We still haven’t gotten past this social stigma. My sons now 10, he is tired of being called a retard and a spastic because the exclusion is so evident to other kids, they think he has something wrong with him.

Meanwhile, he is actually amazing.


“It’s no good saying we need to make these kids feel good about themselves”

Wow, I just don’t even know where to go with this. A very big factor in mental health issues among children with special needs is the unfortunate erosion of confidence. Sadly, exclusion plays a big part in this. Pauline certainly underestimates self-esteem issues, particularly in young adolescents.

Mental Health services are treating kids all day, every day. The work they do deserves an applaud, only for Pauline to completely discount the need to raise the confidence of the kids who have neurological issues.


“The teacher spends most of their time with these children and forget about the child who wants to go ahead in leaps and bounds”

I have an issue with Pauline linking behavioural issues directly to autism. I have an even bigger issue with her using language that insinuates that my child doesn’t want to go ahead in leaps and bounds. He does, he just doesn’t know how to.

This is interesting to me because, in my experience, it’s been my child that is forgotten.


I’m not being a typical stereotype of a helicopter special needs mum, please trust me on this.

I pick my child up at 1.40pm every day so the school does not have the pressure and the poor other “forgotten children” are not “held back” from their dreams because of him.

This term, I decided to take my child out of school for over half of the term and focus on his health and wellbeing. He has had over 40 days off and I have received two phone calls and no homework despite requesting this.


Do you think maybe my child has been forgotten?

So Pauline means well but it never ends well.

My child isn’t holding other students back. The system is.


I’ll give you one piece of credit Pauline, you got people talking. 

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