Every 8 Year Old Needs This Visa Debit Card

 Every 8 Year Old Needs The Spriggy Debit Card

You are probably reading this thinking why on earth does an 8-year-old need a debit card? I was sceptical at first too. I saw the Spriggy debit card in some advertising prior to the company getting into contact with me and despite having a preteen, I didn’t take into consideration.

I’m always up to a challenge and I love to try things out. So of course, I am happy to review the card. But as you know, my honest opinion is never up for sale.

This card shocked me in ways you wouldn’t believe.

The Spriggy card came in the mail and sat in my office for a few days, I had to wrap my head around what we would use it for. Oh dear, I don’t even have regular chores for the kids, when did I fall off the wagon?

This period of time made me realise, we really have no decent structure for pocket money.

I never have cash in the house, so it’s a bit like “Yeah, Nah I’ll give you some pocket money next time we are at the shops“. It’s really no wonder my kids are not very motivated to do chores when I’m so slack with the organisation of pocket money.


Doing Chores = Pocket Money. With Spriggy the parent can follow through easily.


This card allows me to have ultimate control…*insert evil laugh*

Each week I can transfer money into my son’s account via the Spriggy app from my bank account or credit card. I can stop and start at any time. I can also LOCK THE CARD. This is useful if I want to freeze his pocket money spendings or I can keep him from spending it if he is saving for something.

There’s an even bigger picture here, I saw it during our day out [Video Below].

Our society is becoming somewhat “cashless” to a degree. Remember when you were a kid and all you ever wanted was some lollies at the corner store or a barbie? Kid’s are now saving up for expensive sneakers, tech devices & collecting trending items.

My kids often spend their money on apps and games which require a debit card, which means they owe me out of their money, which I rarely follow through on collecting.


We are becoming a society of people who hardly rely on cash.

The sooner you teach your child how to manage their money ELECTRONICALLY the better.

When I first started earning money we didn’t have the ability to check our balances on the internet. We had to ring phone banking or go to an ATM. It was SO easy to swipe, swipe, swipe and before you know it, your money was KAPoof!

The Spriggy App lets you and your child check their balance. Start teaching them now! During a day out, we checked the app after each purchase. Ryan noted how quickly he felt the money had gone. Yes, son, that’s right. Money is a great thing to have but use it wisely.

You might be thinking, “My kid doesn’t need a debit card!”

All I can say is, I felt the same at first. I do not now. I didn’t realise the benefits until I gave it a try.

The Spriggy Card works for us and you don’t have to be wealthy to have your kids own a card like this. If anything, it will do wonders for your budget because you will be able to manage just how much money you are giving to your kids.

Your child can set savings goals through the Spriggy App and know what it’s like to accomplish one of the hardest things in life to manage. FINANCES!

How to get your hands on a Spriggy Card

Spriggy cards are for children ages 8 – 18. Sign up is 100% online and takes just a few minutes. Spriggy offer a no obligation free trial at spriggy.com.au


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 For those with security concerns, The card pictured is no longer valid. 

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