This Tiny Little Unicorn Is Vulgar

This Tiny Little Unicorn Is Vulgar

The Tiny Vulgar Unicorn is highly offensive. If you can’t handle the C-Bomb in humorous adult context, do not venture any further. I’m easily entertained, toilet humour, sweary humour….anything easy to digest I’m rolling on the floor laughing.

I admit, what I find funny often goes against the things I believe in. The Tiny Vulgar Unicorn is offensive, sometimes violent & tells bad jokes.

The Tiny Vulgar Unicorn also poops on the floor with very little remorse. Reminds me of toilet training a toddler really, except unicorns are majestic.

Beware, this Tiny Vulgar Unicorn takes part in an armed robbery, has inappropriate relationships with multiple other species, he is definitely NOT safe for work or kids.

Tiny Vulgar Unicorn has an accident.

Facebook: Tiny Vulgar Unicorn


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