Online Giveaway Tips From Someone Who Runs Giveaways

Online Giveaway Tips

I decided to offer some online giveaway tips to thank you for being amazing readers and loyal compers.

It’s been an awesome 12 months of running giveaways on Australian Mum. This has gained me some valuable insight when it comes to the behaviour of entrants. What interests you, what doesn’t and how giveaways need to be presented for them to be successful.

I also can offer knowledge on the biggest blunders comp entrants make when spending valuable time hoping to win prizes online. So here’s a quick list of some things to think about next time you enter a giveaway!

These online giveaway tips are to help you successfully cut down on time and improve your chances of winning competitions in Australia.

Spending Too Much Time On Entries

This is something I see often. I do not run creative or skill giveaways, yet people still attempt to enter with cute poems or funny joked, hoping it will increase their chance at winning. This is great, props for trying, however, there’s a problem with that…

You are wasting your time.

If the competition states in the terms and conditions that it is a random draw – no favouritism can be given because someone went above and beyond. If you do this because it makes you happy, keep on doing it! but if you are hoping to increase your chances, stop. Now.

Only unleash your creative poetic skills for giveaways that REQUIRE such an entry.

Using Fake Emails or Not Confirming Entries – Don’t Do It!

Using a fake email is also wasting your time. Giveaways are now run using 3rd party software, so we know immediately if your email is fake or you have not confirmed your entry. For giveaways that require likes or shares, we (the giveaway host) can also tell if you have completed this entry.

You might find big companies don’t care. Small brands and bloggers do. We check our entries and I have disqualified many in the past for “subscribing” when they have not.

You may not think this is fair, but the more subscribers we have. The BIGGER the prizes we can offer, it’s that simple.  Which comes to my next point in my online giveaway tips…


Avoid Giveaways That Require Mass Subscription

This is more of a personal opinion. I avoid giveaways that ask me to sign up to 50 separate newsletters. There are some things to note with a few of these giveaway styles. First, they run for months on end. Secondly, they may be giving away a $300 prize but they are capturing email sign ups for half the year.

To make matters worse your inbox is now swamped with emails and if you unsubscribe to any of these, you are disqualified from entry. Is it really worth it? My advice is to concentrate on giveaways which are simple entry and ditch the mass sign up comps.


Automate Your Details – It Saves Time!

If you don’t want to use the Google Chrome features there is software available. An example is Roboform, this is a program you can keep all of your details in and requires a password before use. This means anyone else on your computer cannot access those details unless signed in.

Roboform stores a tonne of extra details as well, so if a form asks your height, eye colour – you can customise Roboform to answer these questions. This is a service I used when I put in a lot of comping hours, the time it cuts down makes a huge difference.

Roboform also has the extra advantage of storing all of your social media logins, this is handy if you have created “comping” profiles. Comping profiles are great because you can make friends with other compers on Facebook and share links without annoying your “Non-Comping” friends.

Having a personal Facebook and a “Comping” Facebook is hard to manage, you won’t have to worry about that with automation.


Beware Of Big Competition Sites, Look For Giveaways Yourself

I used to assume these sites list the best comps available. Don’t get me wrong, they are great. But there is a slight bias with the popular giveaway websites, those that rank first page on google are often paid to list giveaways. This means small brands with a low marketing budget don’t get the exposure on comping sites.

I know this because several of my giveaways get knocked back for listing, despite involving big brands like Hasbro, Playdoh, ABC – they want me to pay to have my comp listed. This is fine, I respect the business they have built, but don’t restrict yourself to these pages.

Giveaways can be found on Instagram using the hashtag #WinAustralia, #Aussiecomps and similar. I share as many “Instagram Giveaways” as I can HERE. These have a great chance of winning as the entrants are generally pretty low.

I also have a newsletter I send out up to four times a month which contain giveaways which I source myself. You can check that out HERE and the Facebook Group to match HERE.


Post Your Wins & Tag The Brand In Case Of Review Ops

This one is just a theory overall, if you post your wins and tag the brand, another opportunity may come knocking. If you are very active in the community when it comes to giveaways, you might find yourself being offered something a little extra.

Last year I had two instances which I base my theory on. I was given products and opportunities based on my previous review and comp experience. This was well before my blog had even taken on its rebrand of “Australian Mum”, I was unknown in that respect.

An example is applying to review and keep a product. If you can say you are experienced in reviews and giveaways, your chances of being chosen are much higher than someone who has no idea what they are doing. Brands want results, good reviews and less work. So if you put yourself out there and show you have presented product opinions before, chances go UP!

I hope these online giveaway tips help you or put you back on the right track if you have found comping has become a gruelling process.

If you like reviewing products, you can join our review club HERE.


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