Teletubbies 20th Anniversary Giveaway

Teletubbies 20th Anniversary Giveaway

Can you believe the Teletubbies are 20 years old! I remember my little sister watching them on TV as a child and now my own children are known to enjoy the Teletubbies, particularly Hayley who is a Teletubbie & a Twirlywoo’s fan.

I welcomed both shows into my home from the day their little eyes became curious about the magical contraption we call television. Teletubbies may not seem like a big deal to you, but for me, I have a few things that have happened over time that have made me grow an appreciation for this type of TV entertainment.

From a very young age, my son Ryan has taught me that communication is about so much more than words. Being entertained doesn’t always involve speech. There are colours, landscape, body language and noises and sounds. I wonder if this is why the colourful loving explosion of the Teletubbies is so easy for children to enjoy?

Anyway, let’s get on with the giveaway. What will you get if you win?


20th Anniversary Teletubbies Prize Pack:

1x Train Ride DVD, RRP $14.95ea

1x Magic Watering Can board book, RRP $12.99ea

1x Music Day Playset, RRP $39.99ea

Terms & Conditions are HERE.

Australian Residents Only

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