Feeling The Dreggs Of Cyclone Debbie

Feeling The Dreggs Of Cyclone Debbie

It’s been less than 12 hours and I can’t imagine what it’s like to be on lock down for days with my kids. I’m a Brisbane girl and we don’t enjoy cyclone dreggs every time the weather gods get their flaps in a twist. It’s been many many years since I experienced the full force of a Cyclone and even then it couldn’t be compared to Tracey, Yasi or Debbie.

Brisbane is on the receiving end of the “after” effects of Debbie, a lot of rain. A bit of wind. 

It’s 12 hours in.

7 am – Kids Don’t Need Coffee, But I do.

My kids woke up ready to go, it’s like the alarm went off and their brains came alive, “It’s raining, Initiate operation drive mum batshit crazy”. This only became more intense when I announced school closures.

8 am – Creativity Is Blooming

The play doh is out with all 120 cookie cutters and I am the victim of having to “pretend” eat Playdoh Pizza, sausages & eggs.


9 am – Things Start To Go South

I am dealing with an enraged waiter who says I’m not committing to the theatrics of my “role” properly. I am an inadequate patron, not fit for this play doh restaurant. I try to palm my role off onto one of the other kids, but she’s busy writing the “Menu”….I eagerly look for an escape route. The phone rings.

10 am – The phone rings. There is a god.

It’s the gorgeous Fiona from Rock Star Mums Drinking Champagne. We laugh and chat about all things blogging for a while, I pretend my kids are not trying to kill each other in the background. One decided to make “Yoghurt Slurpees” while I’m on the phone. One has a very large Nerf Gun, I swear I hid that gun weeks ago…..damn she’s good.

11.30am – Shit Starts To Really Go Downhill – but its cool, I’m prepared.

I deliberately kept the kids off technology until this point. I told my son the WiFi wasn’t working because of the storm, suddenly it magically turns back on. He retreats to his computer and my daughter watches those “Do Much Fun” videos. I hate those videos…..but she’s in my bed and she’s sleepy.

The 5-year-old… What is it with 5-year-olds. She just turned 5, so she’s technically still 4 as far as I’m concerned. She’s announced all of the things she did while I was on the phone. Threw the whole pack of Charades cards all over the floor, made yoghurt Slurpees, terrorised her brother with a nerf gun and quote: “Mum, I Sat on my sisters head

12.14am – The Beauty Of Technology

All children are now on separate “tech” items. It’s going to rain for 48 hours, nobody can judge you today because this shit is not going to get easier. This will buy me 2 hours. My son has a friend over, he is one of those kids you just want to swap with. I did actually ask him if he would like to trade families, he’s a sweet kid. Sorry, Ryan, I was joking about the trade…..or was I?



2.30pm – The End Is Nigh

We have backup supplies…well….”had”….back up supplies. I ate all of the M&ms, drank all of the energy drinks and my supply of “patience” is running low. Earlier I joked about how people flock to the shops, preparing for armageddon. Well, I put my foot in my mouth because I could really go for some ice cream, cake, raspberry liquorice, coke and slightly softer toilet paper right now.

The house is starting to look like a Chinese laundry. You would think the floor had never been vacuumed before but, So Far So Good.


6.35pm – The Weather Has Intensified

It’s nothing like what the actual Cyclone victims have been through. The wind has strengthened, the rain is heavier. My daughters have gone to their Dad’s for the night so I am picking up the pieces, ready for round 2 tomorrow. Schools will be shut tomorrow too….YAY ME!

Parents would hear me when I say the last two days are “brace yourself and prepare days” – Almost like preparing for a cyclone really. These are the days you stock up on chips, dunny role, Nurofen and….wine. Except I don’t drink wine, maybe I should.

If anything good comes out of this weather I hope it tears the bastard tree down that keeps vomiting pine needles into my garden, come on Debbie you can do it.

We are all good here, Kate xo

Remember: If It’s Flooded Forget It.

Best Wishes To Those Who Faced The Worst Of Cyclone Debbie

Disaster Recovery Assistance: https://www.disasterassist.gov.au/


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