You Can’t Be Found If You Were Never Lost

When we read about pregnancy, childbirth and the feeling of becoming a new parent. The online world is often filled with stories of post natal depression, self-image issues, sleep deprivation and stress.

Becoming a parent shouldn’t be like that, but it is.

Becoming a parent is hard work. Rewarding, but hard nonetheless. When I say “we” I don’t speak for every woman out there.. When I say “we” I don’t speak for every woman out there. Im talking about the collection of women who describe their true raw feelings about bringing a child into the world.

You may have had the most amazing experience, never felt a drop of sadness or craved for your previous body. You may have never fantasised about what friday nights would be like without children, but I do.

I’m quickly whisked back to reality most of the time. To my warm children who have an unlimited supply of cuddles. Even when they tantrum, they often make me laugh. My children make me want to be a good person, a kind person. They give me purpose.

Did I lose myself when I became a mother? Yes. For a short while. I feel like I’ve walked a bed of nails to become the person I am. But without being lost, you cannot truly be found. I thank my kids for helping me find myself.

I can be whoever I want with my kids. I can wear what I want. Go where I want. Nobody can tell me how to dress or how much weight I should lose. My children accept me for who I am. Something I have never felt until they came along.

With a past full of relationships that came with fine print, friendships that came with double standards and workplaces that took advantage of my spirit, I finally have people on my side. My kids. That probably sounds unhealthy, I don’t rely on them, but I know they have my back, just as I have theirs.

So while you are out there , lost at sea, remember this is an opportunity to find yourself. The best version of you is floating out there, in the depths of the ocean or somewhere on the horizon. Once you find her, you will find meaning in the loneliness you had to endure, it’s not much but at the same time, it’s enough.

Reel it in! 

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