Ryan’s Toy Reviews | A Blog Is Born

Ryan’s Toy Reviews | A Blog Is Born

Ryan’s Toy Reviews started before the camera even got rolling. When the Youtube Toy Review craze became global phenomena Ryan would do Toy Reviews on his iPad. These reviews never made it to Youtube because for him, it was just play.

As months went by it was obvious to Ryan’s mum that the Youtube obsession was not going to fade anytime soon. So she started recording them so Ryan could see exactly what he looked like. This started as a hobby but eventually, Ryans Toy Reviews became something more serious.

Ryans Toy Reviews are what started the Australian Mum Blog. Kate, Ryans mum, previously wrote about all kinds of things on a different website. Most of the things she wrote about were to do with Ryan, who was diagnosed with a life-threatening tumour at 4 months old.

When Ryans Toy Review started to stack up, it was decided a family space for everything to do with life needed to be born. So here we are at Australian Mum.

Ryans Toy Reviews are now hosted HERE, but it’s not just Ryan! His sisters Hayley & Chelsea also review plenty of products. They only work with the best products and attend the coolest events.

Ryan has worked with brands like Wahu, Globber, Beyblade & Britz & Pieces. Currently, the family have reviews for Hasbro Toilet Trouble, Play Doh, Twirlywoos, Funtastic and heaps more!

Ryans Toy Reviews started a great thing for us which keeps on going. We get to host competitions and have met great people along the way. If you would like to keep up with our reviews and stories please Subscribe HERE.

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