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Reverse Advent Calendar

During the Christmas season, it’s common to treat our children more often. If you purchase an Advent Calendar your children get a treat every day. The reverse advent calendar turns this around and encourages your children to put a treat into other people’s lives.

Lisa Shearon from The Notorious Mum decided her kids needed to learn a little more giving and a little less getting. Lisa took her kids out and asked them to choose something practical that somebody less fortunate might need. They – with some influence – chose Shower Gel, Toothbrushes and Chocolates. 


Lisa thought she might be able to prompt others to do the same. When she posted it online she didn’t expect many people to be interested. I saw the post – Yes. Me, Kate Shelby From Australian Mum – and it just resonated with me. The idea was derived from the #reverseadvent concept floating around the internet. 

I didn’t really give Lisa a choice, this would become a project. We are calling for all parents to take their kids out and choose a product each to donate to your local shelter or women’s centre. Lisa will be directly collecting for Perth. I will be directly collecting for South Brisbane. 

How To Make A Reverse Advent Calendar

The basic concept is for 24 Days you put a product in a box for someone in need. You can create an advent style box if you would like to have a more visual activity for your kids. A great example of a more creative Reverse Advent is HERE. Once the 24 Day Reverse Advent Calendar is complete you can donate it to your chosen charity.



I will be collecting for The Redland’s Centre For Women who organise care packages for women facing a difficult time as well as offering services to empower women to change their lives. Lisa will be collecting for a charity in Perth – we are currently finalising those details. Stay tuned.

Since the Reverse Advent Calendar Project came to life people from all over Australia have asked how they can help….

For help finding a drop off point near you please email:

For requests to include other charities please email us, We would love to have people helping charity centres all over Australia. We are just two women wanting to help, but with your help, we could do so much more!

Don’t Have Any Kids? Or Anywhere Close To Donate?

We understand, not everybody has kids or lives in large communities. If you want to help out but you can’t do the Reverse Advent Calendar Project its ok! We have you covered. The music featured in our Reverse Advent Calendar Video is by Harrison The Artist.

Harrison is donating all of the profits [read below] made from her single “Safe But Not Alone” – Track 15 of her new album PLAN B. You can download the track through many music platforms.

“Safe But Not Alone” – By Harrison The Artist

100% of the income from this song will be donated annually to women’s shelters in Australia to help the one in four women affected directly by domestic violence.

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