Don’t Tell Me It Takes Balls, It Takes Passion & Determination

Don’t Tell Me It Takes Balls

It doesn’t take balls to get into business as a woman. Just like it doesn’t take a vagina to raise a child, cook, clean or do washing. It doesn’t take balls to be assertive, passionate and determined.

It doesn’t take balls to work and manage children. It doesn’t take balls to work with men. It doesn’t take balls to go solo. It takes guts, self-awareness, confidence in your skills. Many things it takes. But dangling scrotums have nothing to do with it.

I’m so tired of hearing “That girl’s got some balls” when they see a woman achieving goals. Really? Right now I have a mental vision of some hairy balls dangling from my friend Sally who just won a business award. She doesn’t have balls, She’s just fucking awesome.


Do you think guys stand around admiring their mates with that kind of language?

“Daves got some serious Vagina handling work and kids these days”

“Dave got married on the weekend and bought a home, His labia if off the chain”

I’m not being an angry feminist. I don’t class myself as a feminist whatsoever actually, sorry to disappoint. It’s just a term that makes my eyeballs roll into the back of my head.

I don’t want balls unless they are made of chocolate. I understand it’s a compliment and a metaphor for how courageous you think I am. So I thank you, but I am very happy with my vagina.



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