Cardboard Boxes Are The Cure For School Holidays

The Cure For School Holidays…cardboard boxes!

Ok maybe not the cure…there is no cure for school holidays. But hear me out – they are not that bad. I think we over-complicate holidays in our head. I think we freak out with the OHMEHGERD what are we going to do for two weeks?

Day 1 of school holidays. I’m feeling confident. 

My youngest daughter was outside with some jumbo chalk drawing things on the pavement. It’s a bit chilly and we all have colds so I threw an old ikea box in the garage (AKA Toy Room) and told her to go in there and draw on that instead.

Well lucky she had a brainfart didn’t she. I check on her a few minutes later and she’s constructing a Tee-pee. Having the time of her life but getting a little annoyed at the tee-pee which kept collapsing on her head I sat it in a square shape.

Her brain farts again. I find her punching small holes into it trying to make windows. Well I suppose its my job as “mum” to help with such a wonder of creativity going on here. So we cut out a window, tape on a shelf and chop up the latest coles magazine. Next minute were playing shop keepers.


Next minute i’m on my computer designing a full menu for the shop. Broccoli being the most expensive item as its so high in demand. This activity lasted almost the whole day mostly without me having to be heavily involved….until I put my creative underpants on and I wanted to be involved.

School Holidays

What a great day. Thank you Ikea for your large boxes containing things I hate putting together. Thank you coles for your free food magazines full of recipes I plan on burning each time I cook.

Good Luck On Your School Holidays



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