For The People Who Do Things Differently. Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t Be Afraid To Do Things Differently

Why do you always have to do things differently? Why can’t you just do things like everyone else? You will never amount to anything if you keep it up. You can’t expect that to work.  I know your clients are happy and pay full price, but that method is against company policy, its too creative.

I have a habit of doing things differently. Against the so-called grain. Not the “norm”. When things don’t work out it seems some people get an enormous level of satisfaction out of saying “I told you so” .

To make an impact on our business were told to set ourselves apart. Then the minute you try a unique approach – a bunch of self-appointed experts tell you what you’re doing won’t work. There is a “procedure” and a “manual” available for everything you do.

If you are like me and you have to do things differently to get shit done, I understand you. 

People will happily mock you when you do something out of the box and it fails. 

People will be afraid of you when you do something out of the box and you succeed.


Storytime: Something that happened years ago at workplace. 

I put everything I had into my job and then some. The salon I settled in was having trouble keeping staff and four years down the track I was the longest serving staff member.

The company had an awards night coming up and I was SO excited. Before joining this company I had competed and won several awards in outside events, I missed this so much.

It was announced dinner was paid for at a “Sizzler” restaurant. This rung alarm bells but I just shut my mouth and practised gratitude. I had my award handed to me over the table while the rest of the staff giggled. The manager looked so pleased with herself.

The piece of paper read “Pablo Picasso Colourist Of The Year” with printed spats of paint on it. Oh…I see….this is a joke. They Think I’m a joke? Why? I spent most of the night in a quiet mood, thinking to myself. I dress differently, I love my Doc Martens & I hate wearing lipstick. I’m an artist.

I failed the perm module, my trainer scraped me through because of my talent elsewhere. Maybe I’m just a fraud? This was not the first time I had been chewed up and spat out for achieving something, Maybe I am the problem?

I Do Things Differently & It Was Offensive To Them

My work at the time was a success. My clients were happy. I was trained differently, I had a completely different background & I should have never started work with a company with such rigid , standard , outdated views.

I have been kicking career goals since I turned 15 years old but I let some women, almost twice my age bully me into submission.  Now at 33 years old I realise I am not the problem. Please don’t let it take that long for you or your children. 

Do Things Differently
Young Nerdy Me Almost 16 Years Old, Original Photo belongs to Hydro 


Taking control I resigned after dealing with what became extreme bullying. The behaviour went as far as a staff member attempting to frame me for things I did not do. I felt so unappreciated, I will never allow my gift to fall into another employers hands unless they see me for what I am. Who I am. 

I’m sure my “bullies” would love to see me now, primarily a stay at home mum enjoying life raising 3 children. I’m thinking they would have fun twisting that into some form of “I told you so”. The difference is now – I give zero fucks.

Thankfully I feel like we are slowly moving forward and seeing people who do things differently more in an “Entrepreneurial” light and less of a joke. But there will always be jealousy & fear. It’s how we handle it that defines the outcome of our career.



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