5 Australian Mum Bloggers That Will Rock Your World

5 Australian Mum Bloggers

I’m going to share with you the 5 Australian mum bloggers that will rock your world. When I started blogging I admit I had trouble swallowing the “Aussie Mummy Blogger” title. Now 12 months later I have accepted it completely…right down to the name.

Mummy blogging does cop an eyeroll from people because there is this assumption that we post about when our children eat, what they wear and the last time they had a bowel movement. Not the case at all. Australian Mum bloggers who have the genuine motivation to share and help others write about true, raw parenting truths.

We want to relate to you and cut down this perfect parenting facade that mummy blogging over recent years may have contributed to. Nobody wants to read about all the perfect things I do. I like to create humour and comment on important social issues among many other things.

Lets State the obvious first.

Constance Hall

australian mum bloggersConstance Hall has amassed a following of over 1.15 Million on Social Media. She’s is arguably the countries most popular blogger and now, self-published author.

Her community of “Queens” are empowered through her honest and raw moments of parenting struggles, marriage problems and just LIFE. Because LIFE isn’t always kind to us but queens will get each other through.

Constance once said:

“Vaginal births, breastfeeding and co-sleeping are great, but so are C-sections, formula and babysitters.”

Constance Hall has always tried to discourage this trend of women competing with each other and trying to settle “Which was is better”. This argument will go on for eternity because there is no “better” way.

You may not always agree with her but there’s no argument she’s one of Australias most popular bloggers when it comes to her following.

Rock Star Mums Drinking Champagne

Fiona Coble is Hilarious. The thing I love about her most is that she is REAL. I started casually reading Fiona’s blog a while back as we both started blogging regularly around the same time. Her stories are real, honest and unscripted. Fiona Get’s A V Spa In Bali

The Organised Housewife

When your life feels like it’s falling apart and you really do need some guidance around the home. Katrina’s blog has organisation ideas, budgeting and just a step in the right direction to ending the chaos around the house. TOH also has an extra little section which I only recently discovered for bloggers.


The Imperfect Mum

australian mum bloggersI like Imperfect Mum because she is very active on Facebook and has established a community. The general idea of T.I.M. is to empower women and to stop judging each other based on the fact were not perfect. Because we are all “Imperfect”.


By Breharne

Breharne AlZoubi is a Muslim blogger from Sydney, Australia. She blogs about numerous things, all in the Lifestyle niche. Her blog is not all about being Muslim, but you she does share some of her Muslim culture with readers. I really wanted some diversity in this list, she’s friendly and I enjoy reading her blog.

For An Even BIGGER list visit HERE!


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