13 Australian Websites You Can Enter Competitions & Win Free Stuff

13 Australian Websites You Can Enter Competitions & Win Free Stuff

13 Australian Websites That List & Host Giveaways

  1. Australian Mum Giveaways – Shameless self-plug! We have regular giveaways through the blog and our Facebook page. Australian Mum also has a comp group on Facebook where other competitions are shared.

2. competitions.com.au – Free access to a huge list of competitions and a regular guessing game for the opportunity to win $50 cash. I have won some products through comps listed on this website.

3. CHILD Mag – Has regular competitions including the chance tickets and entry to events all over Australia. Very targeted to parents and family.

4. Mouths Of Mums – Very regular competitions based mostly on products that Mums & Dads will find useful. Outsourced comps often lead to spam, but the internal Mouths Of Mums comps are genuine, I have received two prizes within a 6 month period.

5. Diary Of A Comp Queen – Features Regular competitions hosted by both herself and keeps you up to date with other comps going on. Has a more personal feel with her giveaways.

6. Family Capers – Plenty Of Giveaways & Competitions In The Kids & Family Niche Win Free Stuff – A Regularly updated list of Australian Competitions.

7. All Australian Competitions – A Website Which Lists Regular Competitions. All the listed contests are free to enter.

8. Agent Mystery Case Link UP – Home of some giveaways you won’t see on other major prize websites. Some more unique niche items up for grabs.

9. Nine.com.au Nine Au usually has 2-3 major draw giveaways running at a time. The entries are very high being a major network, but you gotta be in it to win it!

10. Film Ink Film Ink gives away double passes to premieres and advanced screenings around Australia. Some of the more premium/blockbuster film giveaways require a Club Ink membership to enter.

11. Family Parks Family Parks have monthly giveaways as well as major prize offers for Holidays & Family Parks vouchers

12. Weekend Notes – If you click on your city often movie ticket giveaways and other opportunities are in the “Top Posts” section. Although Weekend Notes doesn’t have an abundance of giveaways, entries will be lower than major giveaway sites – making your chance to win much higher.

13. [Removed as no longer operates – Will add a new one soon!]

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    1. Hi! I don’t enter the outsourced comps. I have won the 4 ingredient cookbook, a fiction book and over $100 worth of Octonaughts toys.

  1. I’ve won a few. Keep trying and put thought into answers with correct spelling and answer question as best you can. These are my tips 🙂 Yep stat away from outside comps.

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