Fathers Day Fortune Teller Papercraft

Fathers Day Fortune Teller Papercraft

Father’s Day Fortune Teller’s were a hit with my children. We used our label printer to put in some neat sayings under each flap about Father’s Day. It gave me the opportunity to ask my children what they like best about their dad and reinforce positive things.

This is something important to me as my children and I are no longer in a relationship. We are however co-parenting our children peacefully. I believe it’s important for kids to still have the parents acknowledge each other despite their differences and separation.

Can’t remember how to make one from your school days? You can use this Free Fortune Teller Template.

For the outside and inside you can use your imagination. We whipped them up quickly and opted for the label printer as my 4-year-old became very impatient during the handwriting of a practice one.

I used statements rather than questions and answers so my children [4 & 6 Yrs] could easily use them and understand the concept. Sentences like “Your A Cool Dad” & “I Love You” so they can use them to interact with him.

You can be really creative with the papercraft Fortune Tellers. I have previously used them to tell social stories as well as relationship building statements inside for siblings and friends. It takes a little bit of time and effort, If you would like them to last just use a thicker GSM paper.


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Happy Father’s Day