The Financial Devastation Of Childhood Cancer. September Is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

The Financial Devastation Of Childhood Cancer

Australia. The land of the free where medicare pays for your child cancer treatment. We are blessed we live here but it doesn’t save us from the financial devastation of childhood cancer.

September is childhood cancer awareness month.

Every year I say something on social media about my sons journey and why its important we continue to fund research and contribute – not just monetarily – to solving the mystery of childhood cancer. I’m not going to do that this year for many reasons.

While I support chemotherapy and other methods I cannot continue to convince people to throw money to the benefit those who take our choices away. The corporations who’s actions eventuated into laws that take our freedom when it comes to our own bodies.

Financially supporting the creation of  new chemotherapy drugs when those drugs are sold for a profit is absurd. When are we going to start questioning the profiteering off the dying? When did this become human? I support freedom of choice and information for ALL treatments available including those heavily stigmatised by our nations laws.

Financial Devastation Of Childhood Cancer

I support the fight for a cure. I support the fight for better treatment options complimentary to Chemotherapy. I do not support the idea that we cannot afford to provide organic meals and a better dietary health for children who are living in hospitals waiting to find out if they live or die. I do not support the continual ignorance and denial about physical health. Our bodies – unless looked after during treatment – provide a perfect environment for cancer.

Financial Devastation Of Childhood Cancer

So when your thinking of making your donation this year I challenge you to split the donation into two parts. I would never ask you to STOP supporting the financial aid of cancer treatments completely. But I will ask you to split your $20 donation and give $10 to a charity that supports the financial health of individual families.

During my sons cancer treatment is was a 3 hour trip to the hospital and back. Two choices were available. Suck up the weekly petrol bills or move to the city. Most people know that the average family doesn’t have the money to relocate in a situation like that.

Imagine having a mortgage and a car loan. Suddenly your child needs you but you have to choose. If you leave your job you will lose your family home. If you can’t keep up your car payments how will you go to the hospital? If you aren’t by your child’s side will he or she think you don’t care enough? What if my child dies while I’m at work? Cancer is often unpredictable.

I have seen some rough comments every September – even from people who have been through it. People cutting others down for crowdfunding because “When my child had cancer I didn’t have to pay for anything”. Yes you did.

You paid for it with your time. Your life stood still for that whole time and it was worth it. But losing your home and going back to start again shouldn’t HAVE to be a consequence of childhood cancer. Going back to nothing means grieving or healing can be an even longer process.

Having to work 8 hours a day when you just want to be with your child. To help them through this disease. To be able to say “My child kicked cancers ass” and “I was there every step of the way”. This is something we can help with.

Losing everything you have worked for. Everything you put your heart and soul into for your children shouldn’t be taken away. So I want people to recognise the financial devastation of cancer and there’s a great opportunity to make a difference TODAY.

Even if it’s the donation of one petrol voucher to the social services at your local children’s hospital. You can help a family directly and lower the risk of financial devastation of Childhood Cancer.




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