Selling Clothing On Ebay – The Preloved Selling Guide

Selling Clothing On Ebay – The Preloved Market

Selling clothing on Ebay isn’t as popular as it was 5 years ago. Which is why you should do it. The preloved clothing market is a niche that attracts customers for so many reasons other than paying less. Getting top dollar for your preloved clothing requires some strategy. If you are a picker reselling your product on the Ebay market there are some key tricks to clothing I can help you with.

You can sift through Ebay guides but they will be very mindful of what they tell you. Just like KFC won’t give out its chicken recipe. A clothing seller isn’t going to tell all. I have tested the Ebay market with over 100 brands of clothing over a two-year period.

If you’re genuinely looking into raising money from home this is a flexible way to do it. It doesn’t have to be clothing however if your ex-retail and have the knowledge you have a head start. You may not have ever worked in a clothing store but you have an eye for fashion. Even though an item may only be a Millers dress, you know it’s appealing enough to make a profit.

Designer clothing can be sourced from second-hand stores, garage sales, recycle centre among other places such as Facebook groups and classifieds. Once you have picked your local area you will have the knowledge of where to buy the best brands at a price you can mark up.

Selling preloved clothing is a fantastic side hobby for the stay at home mum or if you are part/full-time studying and need to make some income for extra living expenses.

In My Guide I Explain:

  • Postage Tips & Tricks
  • List Of Proven Brands
  • Advice About Real Time Shipping
  • Refund Policies
  • Time Management Tools
  • Listing & Presentation
  • Links & Resources For Selling
  • Building Outside Of The Ebay Platform


Selling Preloved Clothing $2.99 USD On Amazon – For Other Formats:

In my introduction guide to selling, I explain a few things you need to do before you begin. Such as listing and setting up your social media accounts. If you would like to get the design of these done faster and concentrate on selling I have some basic FREE designs to help you out as well as some printable notes you can use during listing.

I offer numerous hints and tips to make the listing process easier and postage advice to maximise your profits. My advice can be used for selling new clothing and accessories as well.


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Why are you giving away your secrets?

Selling designer labels is now a thing of the past for me. It suited a time in my life when I needed the flexibility of a stay at home job. Surprisingly it opened up opportunities I would have never predicted. If you immerse yourself into the online world of retail and network with leaders in your industry you will learn that the online selling environment has a lot of potentials.

I am more than happy to pass on my knowledge to the next successful retailer in the preloved niche. It’s very rewarding because you’re dealing in giving new life to otherwise old products. When your customer gets excited about the fact your selling last seasons jacket that she has been hunting down for months – you see you have a place in the online retail market.

You may start with a few pieces of clothing and before you know it you are on a path to having a full-time home business with a range of products that would have never developed had you of not taken the first leap. This is the stepping stone into online retail without parting with your life savings.

Rest assured selling clothing on eBay is not just for women’s clothing. I have also sold men and children’s clothing for a profit on both Ebay & Facebook. Children’s designer clothing such as Oobi Baby has a fantastic resale value.

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