Paedophilia, Sonja Kruger & Australia’s Backyard

Paedophilia, Sonja Kruger & Australia’s Backyard

Paedophilia statistics and why I think our nation needs a wake-up call. I write this due to the Sonia Kruger outrage. I’m pissed off. The countries outrage over one woman’s opinion is absurd. Australian people have shown there is great potential to have a voice yet it’s wasted on petty breakfast show statements.

I know what it’s like to be scared. You may think Sonia Kruger is a racist. I personally do not. As a mother, I know what it’s like to be frightened to the point of being irrational. I know what it’s like to fear something to the point where I justify my retaliation even if it’s wrong.

It’s Easy To Be Outraged About Sonia Kruger. But Is It Genuine? 

Sonia Kruger’s comments were not controversial. She said exactly what thousands of the general public say every single day. Is it right? Is it wrong? That’s something we have to work together to decide. It’s got nothing to do with racism and everything to do with being terrified of a religion that’s been advertised to western society as ruthless and evil.

We are living in a country of politicians that protect the human rights of animals who have brutally murdered their wives. Paedophiles who have abducted children and killed them.

The argument against the death penalty is that if even one was falsely convicted or the government framed someone – it wouldn’t be fair. So they are let out on the streets again to re-offend or fed three meals a day in a tax funded prison cell.

Meanwhile, we watch innocent children of Lebanon wash up on the shore dead. We can justify their deaths because we are protecting the grass in our own backyard.


How are we protecting our children from paedophilia?


How green is Australia’s backyard? The Australian Criminology Institute states that one in three girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused in some way before the age of 18 years. During 1996 in Queensland alone, 340 boys and 1009 girls aged between 0-14 years reported sexual abuse.

Queensland Children’s Commission Statistics in 1997 state there are an estimated 300 hard core paedophiles in Queensland [alone]. Each one of those may have sexually abused up to 150 children in their lifetime. Consequently, an estimated 45,000 Queensland children are expected to have been abused by this group. []


Quite frankly Australia. You are lazy & outrage is a cheap thrill.


That’s right. Australia you are lazy. It’s easy to spread outrage. It’s easy to vomit up bullshit because you saw it somewhere else on the internet. It’s easy to go to Sonia Kruger’s Facebook page and call her a “Foul Woman” or a “Racist Bigot”. Some have even wished harm on her. A double standard isn’t it.

When you have finished with your cheap thrill being outraged on the internet you go to bed. How many outraged people wrote to your local government recently? How many spoke to local candidates during the election? How many signed petitions this year voicing your outrage?

Not enough.

How many of you have got your knickers in a knot and become “OUTRAGED” on social media about one woman’s opinion?

Too Many. 

It doesn’t matter where you sit on the fence. I’m calling fake on your outrage.

Hey Australia….While Your Busy Protecting Our Country…Where is William Tyrell?


Australia’s Backyard:  If you want to protect your grass you need to water it too.



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