Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea – Underwood Park, Priestdale

We had a great day today! We attended Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea which was sadly rained out last weekend and had to be postponed. Australia’s biggest morning tea is held across the country to raise funds for Cancer Research and Preventative services. This is a great opportunity to have some fun, some food and some play for a good cause.

Most of us at some time or another will experience the effects of cancer in our lives. I have already had my experience shortly after my son Ryan was born and diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately again with my mother who is a 2x aggressive melanoma survivor. Coming together over morning tea for the Cancer cause is also for me a tribute, remembrance and a reminder that we must stay vigilant when it comes to the disease that takes more lives now than ever.

This mornings Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea in Underwood QLD was hosted by Ray White Rochedale. The theme was “Mad Hatters Tea Party”. So this article not only gives thanks to Ray White and The Cancer Council but it doubles for some fantastic party ideas because they did a great job!! The Mad Hatters Tea Party had Kids Croquet, A giant door with a Key hunt, A Cool backdrop with Props for photos, A coffee Van & Some great tables set up with Mad Hatter Theme decor. What else? Some props with pictures for throwing balls through, Giant Jenga and Mini Pony rides!




The Priestdale Underwood area also boasts a super cool playground called “Funderwood Park”. It’s a little kooky and the kids love it. It’s super busy down there on Saturdays because of Netball so If you don’t like crowds I recommend Sundays (but seriously there are bake sales and netball and an ice cream van….just sayin). Underwood Park also has Kids pedal bikes on a circuit, another playground and a spinning thing that my friend calls “The Vomitron”….its horrible. But the kids love it.




If your interested in getting involved in Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea next year please visit

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