Cant Adult Today? It’s Okay. I Feel You.

Cant Adult Today? It’s Okay. I Feel You.

Do you wake up and just know you can’t adult today? But you know you have to…..but wait… do you really have to? How many times have you had the opportunity to put your pyjamas back on but you don’t. You fight through it because that’s what you’re told you should do.

Um well excuse me but last time I checked I mother the mother out of my kids and I’m sure you do too. Kids at school? Day off work? Can’t adult? It’s Pyjama time.

Give yourself permission to have a break. Be realistic.

If today was cactus before it even started how are you going to produce anything of quality anyway? Have you ever done the washing up and later you get a bowl and your like Ewwww…..who washed these up? Oh, that’s you. You did that. You can’t even adult the washing up. it looks like a two-year-old licked them clean.

What about when you vacuum the floor and later on you’ve got bits of toast between your toes. You couldn’t even adult the vacuuming. For god’s sake just go to bed. You’re majestically useless. Now when you go to bed don’t be guilty. You’re going to wreck the can’t adult today process.

For the perfect “can’t adult” day You gotta be loving’ the bed, the couch, some chocolate and your favourite TV shows. After your selfish day between the sheets, your going to emerge like a glistening majestic unicorn ready to take on the world one Vegemite sandwich at a time.


It’s Okay If You Can’t Adult Today

I grew up watching my mother have to work until her fingers cracked and bled With a low education and a harsh upbringing she did what she could. As a single mother on a cleaners wage, every moment of working was physically wearing her down. Looking back I wish I knew what it was like then for her.

It’s only now I am a single mother raising kids I understand. But I wish I could have helped her to give herself permission to stop. To rest and say it’s okay that she can’t adult today.

Twenty years on and two cancer treatments later she understands the dishes can wait sometimes. The floor can be done tomorrow. So I work hard like her. I Play Hard. I Rest Hard. Give yourself permission to take care of yourself. Sometimes those days where you permit yourself to curl up on the couch and spend time with yourself are almost spiritual. You end up with a clear head and your thought process is cleaner.

All of that noise in your head. That feeling of a hundred things running through your brain like a mixed up to do list is overload. Your mental plate is full and you need to rest, restore, recoup. Come back stronger.

If you are feeling like one day turns into two, then into 3, 4, 5…..Don’t be afraid to reach out for support. There are people who can help even if you don’t feel comfortable talking to friends and family.

Take Care Of Yourself Mummies, You deserve some rest.


  1. Once a week I try to have a I’m not adulating day and relax. On those days we have easy meals and the toys are all over the place 🙂 great post!

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