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Budget Friendly Meals – Lazy French Toast

Budget Friendly Meals

Lazy French Toast or “Eggy Bread”

I started making this when my son decided he “Doesn’t Like Sandwiches Any more”. The truth is he is a walking food bin just testing what tasty recipes you can pull out of your magical food hat to fulfil his never-ending requirement.

Budget Friendly meals are not just for saving money!

They can be when you just can’t be bothered going to the shops and all you have is some bread and some eggs. We have a couple of places locally where you can buy bakery grade day old bread for 50 cents.

Alternatively a lot of local community centres have a day where they have Bread & Some vegetables for a donation. I know a lot of people screw their face up at the idea of community food banks I’ll give you something to think about.

A lot of bread and vegetables are simply thrown away because they will only go rotten if someone doesn’t take them home. There shouldn’t be any shame in reducing that kind of waste.

2 Minimum Ingredients

  • Bread & Eggs
  • Milk (Optional) can be added to make the mixture go further.
  • Optional Maple Syrup (Well….one would argue whether this should compulsory, yum.


Exactly what did I use the video?

2 eggs, 1 Cup Of Milk & 1 Large Cut Block Loaf

Mix Eggs & Milk. Dip your bread in and cover all sides. Cook on stove top at medium heat turning after each side is golden brown.

Its quick. It’s not as sexy as cafe style French Toast but when your on a tight budget it does the job.





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