Can’t Stand Your Children

You Can’t Stand Your Children Today

You can’t stand your children today. It’s okay because it happens to the best of us. You knew when you woke up it was going to be one of those days because you cringed at the first sound of a child’s voice. Every time they talk its like nails are being driven into your ears. Siblings arguing are making you want to peel your own skin off and suffocate yourself with it.

When your child comes to you asking for food you could have sworn you fed that little food bin only 5 minutes ago but really it’s been more like an hour. You have just had enough. Maybe its sleep deprivation. Maybe its been a long week. Maybe your exhausted from your new gym regime. It doesn’t matter what it is. It’s normal to occasionally hit the wall.

Can't Stand Your Children


I totally get it because I have an amazing beautiful unique individual obsessive compulsive child with an ABI & Autism. I’m not going to sugar coat it. Children with autism can be extremely annoying. I’ll give him credit for being consistent because when he decides he is going to have an “I’m going to annoy the shit out of everyone day” – he is the master.

By the time the day ends we would prefer to put a circular saw to our ears if it meant we didn’t have to listen to it any more. I have had days where I am internally ripping my hair out. Its like if i could reach in and grab my heart, lungs and intestines and just rip them up to shreds in a tantrum I would. Now this is coming from me – a mother who considers herself to be fairly savvy with the ol “Parenting A child With An ABI” status.

I give myself credit though, even Superman has had his moments hasn’t he. You know like when he just decided the world would be better without the superman and he just farked right off and decided to blend in with the humans. Well we can’t do that. We have to just shut up and take it because we made the kids and we can’t just hand them over to some Kree aliens and go on a holiday in Paris. I love my children but I reserve the right to complain when I’m running on empty.

I’m going to offer a tip. You probably will not take it because were all stubborn as the next mother and we fight it. We fight it and we sit at home miserable instead of just getting TFO.  That is right I said it. GTFO NOW! Take your mood and channel it into packing a lunch, water bottles and some spare clothes. Getting those annoying little cretins into the car and drive to the nearest wide open space.

  • A playground
  • An indoor play centre
  • A Paddock of grass
  • A skate park
  • Ring a friend and tell her you can’t stand your children today. Does she want to get together for a playdate?

Yes I know. Its boring sitting there while your kids are having fun.

  • Take a book – Read Something for a change
  • Your Phone – Call family & friends to catch up
  • Paper and a Pen – Write down your shopping list & Organise Appointments

Get off your ass and get the hell out of there before you start screaming like a banshee at your kids. But it’s raining? Oh I’m sorry I forget rain has radioactive effects and will turn your child into an inhuman. Pack a raincoat and an umbrella. I understand when you can’t stand your children you probably can’t tolerate other kids too but its better than sitting at home like the grinch.

Spare your children from your demonic mood and just sit at a park bench and let the little feral’s run free. Then if your lucky when you get home they will shut the hell up for a little while and watch some Spongebob Squarepants while you go into the bedroom and adjust your attitude now that you have had some takeaway coffee and a snickers.

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