Wedgits – An Affordable Construction Game Investment

Wedgits – An Affordable Construction Game Investment

What is your favourite construction game / toy in your household?  In my home, among our favourite choices is definitely Wedgits. I say this for a few reasons, let me explain!

  • Great for a range of ages
  • Encourages problem solving via construction cards
  • Improves hand-eye coordination abilities
  • Have no tiny little pieces
  • Progress from easy to difficult puzzles slowly

While my 2-year-old daughter is building basic towers with Wedgits my 9-year-old is usually trying to do more complex creations. A pack of visual cards that come with a set. I invested in the Imagination Pack which has a large number of pieces ($112).

Between three children that was a small investment per child knowing that they will get years out of the product. It is very hardy and fantastic for group play when other kids visit our home. Smaller packs for under $50 are available.

Wedgits (2)


Some of the creations are very complex which will challenge your older children while smaller things like pyramids and towers will still keep your younger children engaged. My little ones usually build the tallest tower possible and then drop the smaller pieces inside.

We often use other toys in conjunction with the Wedgits. For example build three small towers, hide a car inside. Which tower has the car inside? Knock over each one until you find it. My purchase on this particular item was made when hunting down construction toys to help my son who has a post-cancer brain injury. He also has been diagnosed with Autism so early intervention consisted of a lot of therapy on his motor skills and working memory.

The main goal is to provide toys which challenge his motor skills without putting TOO much pressure on him to put pieces together (for example Lego was not yet an option) so for special needs children who need motor skill therapy it’s very beneficial construction game.

If I were to say something negative it would be that I would suggest the larger sets come in a storage bucket however I’m sure the company would then need to increase the purchase price. Ours sits neatly in a large IKEA Trofast container.

Wedgits Are An Affordable Investment

I’m going to recommend Amazon [I know, not ideal if you are from Australia] as they are priced significantly lower than anywhere else that includes shipping for this construction game. However. I had not heard of Wedgits prior to walking into my local independent toy store (Chatterbox toys).

I pay the top price in those situations because I feel the service being offered to me cannot be purchased online. We were able to look and touch the toys and since purchasing they have now got a demo table available for play (Capalaba, QLD if you are local).

If you are looking for recommendation particularly for therapy toys my suggestion is you build a relationship with your local toy store if they have the products that suit your needs and purchase from them directly to show thanks for the valuable service they provide.

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