Springbrook Natural Bridge , One For Your Bucket List

Springbrook Natural Bridge – Bucket List

Recently I wrote and participated in a Blog Challenge. Little did I know by Day 7 this blog challenge would bend my life in ways outside of writing. I ended up at Springbrook Natural Bridge after writing a small local bucket list during the Nature topic.

Now that I have written up my bucket list I feel I really need to tick these places off. Starting with Springbrook Natural Bridge. I have been saying I will visit for around 3 years now. It is an almost 2-hour drive from The Redlands, QLD so we packed the car up with all sorts of backup items in case of random emergencies and set off for the long drive. If you’re setting off on a bushland adventure take note of the closest toilet before you enter the national park area and make sure you have enough petrol before entering the valley.

All I can say is Amazing. Just amazing. I can’t remember the last time I got to enjoy bushland, fresh water running and oxygen not tainted by car fumes. I spent a good chunk of my childhood on land like this and I miss the tranquillity. My children who have barely seen bushland living in suburbia had an epic adventure. Through my eyes it is beautiful. Through their eyes, it’s like The Jungle Book. We truly take nature for granted sometimes.

What is The Natural Bridge?

The natural bridge is a rock formation that has created a bridge over a waterfall running into a cave. You can go into the cave and above to check out the scenery. There is no swimming at the bridge ($320 Fine) but the area also boasts places within the Numinbah Valley like Binna Burra, Hinze Dam and Springbrook Plateau. Here are some photographs of our little adventure

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