Brisbane School Holidays Survival Guide

School Holiday Survival

Brisbane School Holidays – School holidays always come up so darn quick and we often wonder if we’re going to make is through and keep our sanity.

I’m Kate Shelby I’m determined to make school holidays as painless as possible.

I’m a mother of 3 kids and We have just hit halfway through our Easter two-week holiday period and I thought I’d share with you the basic plan I use for survival.

This plan is based on a few things:

  • I’m a SAHM On A Budget
  • I have 3 Children Under the age of 10
  • I have a child with ASD So I pre-plan as much as possible
  • I live near the city so I have multiple event options

The first day of holidays is usually spent at home. The children have usually had break-up parties or Easter/Christmas concerts in the final week so they need a break.

This means even if you have left planning until the last minute you can now take some time out while they have a movie & video game day to organise yourself.

Some things you can do within the first couple of days of holidays to ease the pain.

Brisbane School Holidays Survival – Physical Preparation

  • Pack Spare clothing into a bag and put it in the car
  • Dig out the Esky/Cooler from storage
  • Pack Beach towels in the car, Goggles, Mosquito repellent and Sunscreen
  • Check your car’s oil, tyres & water
  • Make sure you have a spare phone/camera/other device chargers
  • If using public transport check your Go Card is valid & topped up
  • Do a food shop and stock up on cheap snacks, cake mixes and bread for the freezer
  • For Parking Tips In Brisbane – Visit HERE

You are now prepared for any spur of the moment trips to the water and you can pack lunches the night before you go anywhere in the cooler and save precious dollars off your food bill.

If you have luxuries like In-Car DVD Players, Ipads or other handheld devices collect them and delete old games and liven them up with some new apps/tv shows that the kids haven’t seen before.

I usually also keep a couple of sets of headphones in the car in case of in-car arguments over the sound of these devices.


School Holiday Survival – Preparing Your Plans.

School Holiday Survival is about avoiding a mummy meltdown, a parenting tantrum. There’re a couple of ways you can do this. It comes down to preference and how you absorb details.

Personally, I prefer to write the basic plans down.

My written plan goes something like this:


School Holiday Survival Draft Plan

MONDAY:  Day at home

TUESDAY: Mall activity suburb

WEDNESDAY: visit friends, go to beach

THURSDAY:  trip to the city , museum, science centre

FRIDAY: library, bike ride, cinema


SUNDAY: Day at home 

Now keep in mind these are only preparations. You may not have decided which beach to go to, which movie to see. You have simply got a game plan on the fridge.

Your armed and you are ready to use it. So now you have your basic ideas its time to sort out the finer details and set reminders for events you may want to do. You can again use the traditional method and just write these down.

I personally prefer to check if the events are on Facebook and I flag that I’m interested so it sends me reminders. Events that are not on Facebook I just print them out and stick them to the fridge. My School Holiday Survival plan is protecting my brain from having a disorganised tantrum while I can’t find the jam in the morning while my 4-year-old cries her toast isn’t cooking fast enough.


How to find events in your area

  • Facebook Events Search
  • Shipping Centre FB Pages & Websites
  • Local Council Calendar
  • Kids Websites (For e.g. Brisbane Kids, Kidspot are my local/country pages)
  • Keep an eye out in your daycare pockets and School Newsletters
  • The local newspaper & Radio
  • Museum, Science Centre, City Library & Art Centre Websites
  • Cinema Websites
  • Cudo, Catch Of The Day, Scoopon sites

School Holiday Survival – What now?

Tell your kids the rough idea of events you have in mind and use it to your advantage. If you need things done around the house on the “Days Spent Home” you can always ask them for your help as after all you are taking them to the cinema the next day. Have a look through some SAHM blogs and choose some basic activities you can do if your kids aren’t usually happy to entertain themselves all day. When the holidays started I had 4 “at home” activities bookmarked in my browser.

I only ended up having to use 2 of the above activities as my children were quite exhausted from our other activities.  The nights before your “days out” pack your esky and refresh any spare clothes or towels you may have used to far. Refill all drink bottles with cold water.

I always find being prepared limits a number of tantrums you have to deal with and you have more time to be hands on with your kids. It’s also less to think about and less stress on you when getting ready to leave, half the works done.

southbank sunday

So What Exactly Did We Do During Brisbane School Holidays?

  • Two days home were spent watching movies, Paper plane racing and making Jelly Dough
  • Our “Outings” for Two days were a FREE. Visiting friends, Shopping centre Easter egg hunt and animatronic Safari display.
  • We also attended a free Avengers Mall activity with art & craft
  • Our Cheapest outing was the cinema with discount tickets. Total $9.50
  • Walks to the park to feed the fish


Brisbane School Holidays

Brisbane School Holidays

Our biggest Brisbane School Holidays outing which cost $7 parking and around $10 Petrol would be The Cube @ QUT in Brisbane City, Then a stop off at the Botanical gardens.

We also frequent South Bank at least once during the holidays.

 Brisbane School Holidays

Brisbane School Holidays

Brisbane School Holidays don’t have to be expensive.

There are a lot of free options for kids all over the Brisbane & Gold Coast area. I recommend for research on current free events.

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